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Best in Show: Margs

Posted by AllieB on August 31, 2010

Despite an auspicious beginning to my relationship with margs (El Amigo – which is somehow still open, btw – topped theirs off with a murky liquid that bore a striking resemblance to dishwater), we have grown to have a very companionable existence.

Which means to say: I love a good margarita.

So – where are the best in the city? Well. According to a May 2010 city-wide poll by Citysearch, the favorites are as follows:

  1. Taqueria del Sol
  2. Agave
  3. No Mas Cantina
  4. Zocalo
  5. Caramba Cafe

The AJC food critics say:

  1. Pure Taqueria
  2. Lupe Taqueria ( now closed, so nevermind)
  3. Agave
  4. Noon
  5. Holy Taco

I don’t have strong feelings about either of these lists, but I will say this about Taqueria: they do an excellent marg, but I had a very unpleasant experience back in ’06 wherein the bartender refused to give me my own personal pitcher, saying he had to have two ID’s per order. I offered to show him my ID twice, but he said that wasn’t the same.

I realize this all sounds a tad aggressive, but desperate times, desperate measures…either way, they failed me in my time of need. Were it not for this grudge I refuse to let go of, they’d likely be numero uno. Too bad, Taqueria, tooooo bad:

  1. Treehouse – I’m not kidding – order one the next time you go
  2. Nava – a prickly  pear + that patio = an exceptional post-work activity
  3. La Fonda – they’re always very fresh with just the right amount of tartness
  4. Nuevo Lardeo Cantina – they make the wait endurable, if not enjoyable
  5. Pancho’s – this Buford Highway gem has great ones, and they serve the really thin, light tortilla chips that are reminiscent of Rio Bravo’s (R.I.P. Rio Bravo – you are missed)
  6. HOBNOB – this primely placed spot on Piedmont and Monroe does an awesome Skinny Girl marg – I didn’t want to delve into that whole craze with this entry, but I thought it deserved mention

how good does that look.

3 Responses to “Best in Show: Margs”

  1. Charlotte said

    I assume the “Lardeo” in Nuevo Laredo was a typo, but I kind of like it. But then, that’s probably just me and my love of lard talking.

  2. AllieB said

    Sigh. You would call me out on a typo. I think I’ll leave it – you do make a good point about the lard.

  3. […] least Rio Grande is gone. I did a “study” on the best margs in ATL a few months back: Best in Show: Margs. I stand by my assertion that Treehouse has the best ones, but The Big Ketch – which was not […]

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