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The end of just so many eras

Posted by AllieB on July 25, 2012

Honestly, I’m glad I’m moving because too many things are changing around here. I don’t prefer change unless I instigate it, so when people suddenly start doing things that they haven’t previously done, I do not respond well. You may move, A and K, when I tell you you can move. Pants, you may purchase a home when given my stamp of approval. Erika, why did you come to Atlanta when you clearly should be in NYC – come with and we can continue our overly aggressive fun and breezy Saturdays there. I DO NOT PREFER CHANGE.

K and A are moving out of P’tree Mem, and, frankly, I am devastated. I didn’t realize they’d lived there for five years, so I suppose I understand relocating, but I do not like it. I’m glad y’all are moving into the same building and I’m glad, A, that you’re buying a sofa called the Kennedy, but that doesn’t make up for all the memories. A lot of stuff went down at #3 P’tree Mem; attention must be paid.

MEMORIEEEEES: Feb Bdays 2008 (?); A and K; BBT’s bday 2009

K, I find great humor in the fact that we’re both moving in with our parents for the month of August and, that, in a wonderful alignment of the stars, it just so happens that the Olympics are on. K and I were the #1 fans of the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, and for two weeks straight you could find us sandwiched in her living room easy chair eating Breyer’s Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream, cheering on the gymnastics team (KERI STRUG), and bird dogging Bob Costas. Looking back, I’m not real sure where that Bob Costas obsession came from…we were 12; whatever.

I’m seriously very excited about the Olympics: I love the swimming and gymnastics and track and field, and most of all I love the behind-the-scenes stories about the athletes and their heart-warming tales of hardship and eventual triumph complete with the fuzzy camera and melodramatic soundtrack….I love it. I even downloaded an Olympics app.

As I’ve previously mentioned, I am not a fan of The Bachelor/ette and I’d rather go play in traffic then sit through an episode of either/or, but even I took note of Emily Maynard’s wardrobe. She’s totally fake and ridiculous, but whoever was in charge of getting her dressed did a great job, even if her outfits were a little too outfit-y. You, too, can dress like Emily (credit: Lauren K. of the Q+DD) thanks to the vigilant research of The Possessionista. I think Emily went a bit far with the plastic surgery – she looks like a less intelligent Heidi Montag, something I heretofore did not think possible.

If you’re a Neiman Marcus devotee then you’ve already seen this, but the 2012 pre fall book featured a random Los Angeles vs Atlanta bit, and The Shepherd Center, an establishment many of us hold near and dear, got a pretty cool shoutout…Caro, if I don’t stop talking about you on this thing, people are going to start to wonder….

I also appreciate the H&F mention…I’m going to miss H&F…

That’s Tina and me being funny with the cured meats/pig carcasses at HF. I’m prematurely embracing my nostalgia; sorry I’m not sorry.

Enjoy today! Yesterday was National Tequila Day, but you can pretend like it’s National Tequila Week if you want.

5 Responses to “The end of just so many eras”

  1. Tina said

    I heart the Olympics too! Can we have a sleep over? I’m not even addressing the issue of all the changes happening. Allie…I can’t…tear.

  2. erika said

    i mean, i cannot even begin to tell you how honored i am to have made the blog before you left. i feel like we are real friends now. you just went into a whole other group on facebook. SCREW THE SCHNITZEL!

  3. K said

    This post made me happy and sad. Perhaps one way to pass the time in August will be to dig out my Shannon Miller autograph (not friendly btw) or my VHS of the post-gold medal performance that Team USA did! That was awesome. I love Bela Karolyi. Perhaps you can find it on the world wide web?

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