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Book List

See below for my list of recommended reading. I’m always looking for new stuff, so HOLLA if there’s anything I don’t have on here. Also, just because I like it doesn’t mean you will…but I have given these all of these BBT’s Stamp of Approval, so that should count for something.

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EMAIL ME with recommendations! Also, I’m on Goodreads if you want to check out a more thorough list.

7 Responses to “Book List”

  1. Trent said

    Why does “Mysteries” have an asterisk? Also, in the non-fiction section, might I recommend “50 Reasons People Give for Believing in a God” and “A Brief History of Time”? I’m advocating for those based on the content and not necessarily the writing, so it may not be appropriate depending how you’re determining the quality of non-fiction works.

    • AllieB said

      The asterisk was meant to apply as it does to the “Beach Reads” section – I like all of the books by all of the authors I listed, but those are my preferred selections.

      I have read neither of those books – I welcome all suggestions, however, especially those of the non-fiction ilk as that is the arena with which I am least familiar..I’ll check them out. I don’t have a set scale for how I determine the quality – if I like it, I’ll recommend it.

      Thanks for reading/writing, Trent!

      • Trent said

        Just giving you a hard time. Where’s my reminiscent “how are you?” I don’t think I’ve seen you since Australia, and don’t worry – I noted your ranking of Bryson’s walkabout tale. Hope you are doing well :)

        • AllieB said

          I had a feeling, but I wasn’t sure – after all, it has been the better part of a decade since I’ve seen you. I re-read that book at least once/year to remind myself that returning to Oz is a non-option. I’m great, hope you are as well…

  2. Lucy said

    Night Film was so amazing – you may have short-changed it here without more of a description. But then again, how do you really describe it?! Hope you’re well – missed seeing you at Christmas, but got the update from Char and Jo!

    • AllieB said

      I know, there’s really nothing I can say – I even went back to add more info, and I may have made it even less appealing…but it’s SO GOOD!

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