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The end of just so many eras

Posted by AllieB on July 25, 2012

Honestly, I’m glad I’m moving because too many things are changing around here. I don’t prefer change unless I instigate it, so when people suddenly start doing things that they haven’t previously done, I do not respond well. You may move, A and K, when I tell you you can move. Pants, you may purchase a home when given my stamp of approval. Erika, why did you come to Atlanta when you clearly should be in NYC – come with and we can continue our overly aggressive fun and breezy Saturdays there. I DO NOT PREFER CHANGE.

K and A are moving out of P’tree Mem, and, frankly, I am devastated. I didn’t realize they’d lived there for five years, so I suppose I understand relocating, but I do not like it. I’m glad y’all are moving into the same building and I’m glad, A, that you’re buying a sofa called the Kennedy, but that doesn’t make up for all the memories. A lot of stuff went down at #3 P’tree Mem; attention must be paid.

MEMORIEEEEES: Feb Bdays 2008 (?); A and K; BBT’s bday 2009

K, I find great humor in the fact that we’re both moving in with our parents for the month of August and, that, in a wonderful alignment of the stars, it just so happens that the Olympics are on. K and I were the #1 fans of the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, and for two weeks straight you could find us sandwiched in her living room easy chair eating Breyer’s Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream, cheering on the gymnastics team (KERI STRUG), and bird dogging Bob Costas. Looking back, I’m not real sure where that Bob Costas obsession came from…we were 12; whatever.

I’m seriously very excited about the Olympics: I love the swimming and gymnastics and track and field, and most of all I love the behind-the-scenes stories about the athletes and their heart-warming tales of hardship and eventual triumph complete with the fuzzy camera and melodramatic soundtrack….I love it. I even downloaded an Olympics app.

As I’ve previously mentioned, I am not a fan of The Bachelor/ette and I’d rather go play in traffic then sit through an episode of either/or, but even I took note of Emily Maynard’s wardrobe. She’s totally fake and ridiculous, but whoever was in charge of getting her dressed did a great job, even if her outfits were a little too outfit-y. You, too, can dress like Emily (credit: Lauren K. of the Q+DD) thanks to the vigilant research of The Possessionista. I think Emily went a bit far with the plastic surgery – she looks like a less intelligent Heidi Montag, something I heretofore did not think possible.

If you’re a Neiman Marcus devotee then you’ve already seen this, but the 2012 pre fall book featured a random Los Angeles vs Atlanta bit, and The Shepherd Center, an establishment many of us hold near and dear, got a pretty cool shoutout…Caro, if I don’t stop talking about you on this thing, people are going to start to wonder….

I also appreciate the H&F mention…I’m going to miss H&F…

That’s Tina and me being funny with the cured meats/pig carcasses at HF. I’m prematurely embracing my nostalgia; sorry I’m not sorry.

Enjoy today! Yesterday was National Tequila Day, but you can pretend like it’s National Tequila Week if you want.

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A year older, wiser, awesomer

Posted by AllieB on June 20, 2012

Thanks for all the birthday love!! I have a feeling 29 is going to be my year. Seriously – good things are in the mix for BBT, so BOLO for that. An extra special thank you to Tina, who put her exceptional photo-shopping skills to good use and made me this:

The Royal Couple. Let it be known that I don’t have a crush on William, my crush is on Kate…and her glorious hair. On a different note, I hear they’re planning a remake of Single White Female?

I’d like to also give a little shout-out to 5 Seasons Brewery on the Westside for proffering such a pleasant spot and service for the celebration of moi. Their pizza: meh (I’m pretty sure it’s gluten-free, which pizza should never be), their crab ragoons/flash-fried dumpling goodness: AMAZING. It’s kind of a random, not-oft-thought-of spot, but their patio is great, especially once the sun goes down, and the view is lovely – I do love a good vista!

Clockwise from top: FRIENDS! Dunce Hat (remember the brewery debacle of Oct 2k10? I’ve come such a long way since then). Thank you, Perez.

I’m having quite the love affair with the Westside right now…the JCT Rooftop Bar is absolutely idyllic for happy hour (rose, anyone?), and JCT’s Sunday Supper is really a must-do. For $24 you get homemade biscuits, a deviled egg, a nature salad (lot’s of nature in that thing, thankfully no peas – tis delish), then you choose a meat for yourself and then pick three sides for the table. I went with Mr. and Mrs. Baxter on Sunday, and I got the fish and grits (tile fish served on a bed of grits, which actually meant I got an extra fourth side…if I know how to do anything, it’s order), and then we shared sweet corn with bacon and bleu cheese, a summer squash saute, and fresh tomatoes with a light brushing of E.V.O.O. and ground pepper. OMG YUM. We also had a nice malbec, and the whole evening was very pleasant. BBT: HIGHLY recommends.

I updated my Book List.

Obsessed with this nail polish (gracias, Dinka!) – both color and name:

essie – off the shoulder

LeAnn Rimes is the worst, and this latest gaffe really takes the cake (wordplay): check out the birthday treat she designed for her now-husband’s birthday. I say “now-husband” because he was married to someone else when they started seeing each other. In case you can’t tell, it’s her and hubby cuddling in bed on the top layer with his two children sitting alone at the bottom. Someone should call child services.

Wrong. So Wrong. (via UsWeekly)

Get after it – it’s humpday!

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You’ve got mail

Posted by AllieB on May 31, 2011

Sometimes I feel like a tool having my own blog. I’ve more or less come to terms with it, but really – the word “blog” is totally nerd-chill inducing, and I like to think of myself as the anti-nerd, which is why I go the public library at least once/week and am obsessed with all things Kate Middleton.

One of my favorite things about BBT is that people seem to be reading it; I especially like it when they tell me what it is they like best. I received this email recently from a friendly reader, and it made my week. Also, the author of said email is hysterical and I’d be remiss to not share it, even if it wasn’t about BBT (it is, though – it’s about BBT):

Although I have not vocalized this in a comment on your blog, I oh so enjoy reading it.  It makes me giggle like all of the small school children that I had to accompany to Wicked on Wednesday as part of community service outreach (the play was entertaining but not as much as Crystal and Shantelle’s argument about whose shoes were the most “crazy fly”).  And though I can’t enjoy your food trucks in Atlanta, I do frequent the trucks roaming the streets of Another City* and have awoken in bed with remnants of said food trucks on my chest.  I also was propositioned once by an Indian falafel maker…so yea, I am pretty well known to the Other City* food truck industry.  I am classy though, so I didn’t go through with it even though in my mind I was picturing myself sitting on a throne of falafels wearing my jewel-encrusted crown, tossing some out the peasants under my rule…that’s what happens when you marry a falafel maker and move back to his country, right?

Anyhoo, one of the funniest things I saw on your blog was the picture of Hilary (re: lesbian boat driver (captain?) in plaid – I hope Birkenstocks were involved), but everything else is also up to my standards of daily internet consumption, in fact quite higher than my standards.  And I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but toot toot as my standards are quite high (see not hooking up with the falafel maker discussion above).  Keep up the good work!

*changed to protect the innocent…or not-so-innocent as the case may be (see throne of falafels)

Unlike my advice columns, I did not make this up. How could I – I have neither the creativity nor the verbiage to compose such an email. To the auteur I say: toot toot right back at ya.

How funny was that picture of Hilary…while she was not wearing a pair of Birks in the pic, she was sporting a pair of navy blue Crocs – clog-style, complete with heel strap.

The weather is here, wish you were beautiful.. Lurve, Pal, BBT, Pants, Billy


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A Cinderella Story

Posted by AllieB on May 19, 2011

Let’s check in with Kate. She and William went to the North Island of the Seychelles for their honeymoon and it cost $720,000. Sounds about right. This place looks nice, I think I might go there for my honeymoon, also – my honeymoon with Prince Carl. Meanwhile, Pippa is galavanting around Europe with ex-boyfriends, taking off her ‘kini tops, and being an attention monger in general. I say good for her: she’s just having a good time, letting loose – she deserves some attention, her sister just married a Prince for crying out loud. I can even forgive her long torso.

The story below was cut and pasted from an email chain just this morning. The referenced evening actually took place some time ago, but it’s fun to relive every couple of months. Let’s call her Tabitha* – Tabitha is a hoot. To accomplish these feats on a single Thursday evening, well…it’s impressive.

That was a great Thursday night. I know it started off with pitchers of margs at el azteca then trivia at churchills then downhill slide at 5p. The sandal just slipped right off my foot, as did my purse from my arm at some point that night. I woke up with only my phone. Luckily, the Papa Johns website had my credit card info stored so I was able to order some pizza to tide me over til others got off work. Then my dear friend Anonymous Boy went to 5p and retrieved my purse but couldn’t find my shoe. He showed up at my apt with a list he had started making at work of things that he was supposed to bring to me. I have recreated said list below.

1. Purse
2. Vodka
3. Shoe
4. Jello

Everything was crossed off the list except shoe. Fail.

Fail, indeed.

*Name has obviously been changed. BBT only throws strangers under the bus, unless it’s Hilary, and clearly I know no one who goes by the name “Tabitha.”

Looking for something to do tonight? Someplace to go enjoy this glorious spring weather? Say no mas: come to The Ivy at 5:30 and have the most fun you’ve ever had.

“I work until beer o’clock.”
— Stephen King

You and me both, Stephen King. You and me both.

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Posted by AllieB on May 2, 2011

“My a** is perfection” – Samantha Jones, SATC

Incidentally, so is Pippa Middleton’s. At least according to this Facebook page that has garnered over 150,000 “likes” since creation on Friday. Put that in your pocket for a rainy day, Pippa – that ain’t bad.

I do feel like I dropped the ball on my wedding coverage with the major gaffe of heralding Chelsey Davy’s appearance – she looked like a sloppy hot mess. Retract. I am DYING over Kate’s second dress – not because I like the angora balero, but because she looked stunning overall…Pippa continued her glam-a-thon with both her second dress (like, don’t love, but again – stunning) and her adorbs day after outfit. Kate’s an old married lady now, welcome to BBT’s new obsession: Pippa. Heck, the whole family has me wrapped around their finger.

From left (all from

  1. famous derriere
  2. second dress by Alice Temperley
  3. Saturday morning leaving The Goring – I need that blazer

OK, I think it’s time to move on…for today.

Cut to: Sweetwater Brewery, locale for my Ten Year High School Reunion. I was very startled to realize that Romy & Michelle’s High School Reunion was about their tenth hs reunion…startled, alarmed, angry, and unsettled. It made me feel the opposite of young – remember how OLD they always seemed!? Whatevs, it’s stupid to compare one’s own life with that of two fictional movie characters, ya know? Like, what good can come from that? Here is the sole photo from the Smilebooth photo booth-esque thing which I will share on BBT. Smilebooth + me = MORTAL ENEMIES.


Like I said, I hate Smilebooth.

Apropos of nothing, read this little article about how delightful Amy Poehler is – because she absolutely is, for many reasons, and not just because she laughed (in a non-malicious way) at Blake Lively.

She was on the scene when Patrick McMullan accidentally ripped the train of Blake Lively’s dress, gleefully crying out, “You ripped her dress! Patrick, you ripped her dress!” as if it were the greatest, most wonderful thing that had ever happened.

Also, Parks & Recreation is HILAR.

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