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Use Your Words, Vol II

Posted by AllieB on August 3, 2010

So, I was reading COSMO last night – which is embarrassing, but whatever – and I stumbled upon some brand new information in their What’s Hot/Not column.

It turns out that OMFG is a Not – I was always lukewarm about OMFG – and the new Hot equivalent is OMLG.

WTF is OMLG? I didn’t know, the friends with whom I was watching the borderline unbearable finale of The Bachelorette didn’t know…

My goog search results were unanimous:

Oh My Lady Gaga.

Turns out the kids in China started it back in the spring – there’s a FACEBOOK page for it!

  1. How am I so behind on this
  2. Not only was I behind, but my enlightenment arrived by way of COSMO magazine….shameful
  3. I think I kinda like it…

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