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Just sayin’

Posted by AllieB on August 27, 2010

Here’s some good Friday reading material: Hungover Owls – because they definitely feel worse than you do.

“You uh…you need me to move my car?”

“You uh…you need me to move my car?”

The captions are a tad aggressive – even I, condoner of the occasional apropos curse word, feel it’s a bit too mas – but it’s also pretty hilarious and not necessarily inaccurate. Owls: wise and funny. Who knew?

Sidebar: I wonder when restaurants will realize that a sandwich called “The BLAT” is a sandwich no one wants to order. It’s very delicious – bacon, lettuce, avocado, and tomato – but that “A” takes a tasty BLT and makes it sound like a bodily function, or something else equally unappetizing.

“And I will have The BLAT, please.”

“Ohhhh, a BLAT sounds super delish!”

“Wanna split a BLAT?”

Thanks, but no thanks. Although I might get one from Souper Jenny for lunch – when it’s my turn I’ll just point to it instead of saying “I’d like a BLAT.”  I’m very good at gesticulating, and I really do love bacon.

Bacon slip-ons by Keds. I wonder if they come in a 10?

6 Responses to “Just sayin’”

  1. AllieB said

    gotta give credit where credit’s due: thank you, Julia, for sharing the wisdom of the owl

  2. Billy said

    10?! Who are you kidding? Everyone knows those skis are 13’s.

  3. Gaylen said

    What does the A stand for? Apple? No wonder you don’t want one…

  4. AllieB said

    avocado, duh! but you’re right – I’ve never been a fan of fruit/veggie add-ons. why ruin a perfectly good sammy?

  5. A said

    i am fascinated on several different levels here… hungover owls – i imagine they feel as bad as they look? BLAT – maybe i will call it a TALB – “could really go for a TALB” hmmm… might need some work. stay tuned. and are the keds edible?

  6. Herro? said

    Size 10 bacon boats- necessary for fall

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