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Glamour Shots of the Mug Variety

Posted by AllieB on August 30, 2010

Welp, Paris Hilton got busted for possession of cocaine. According to various sources, it was not hers and the only reason it was on her person is because she borrowed her friend’s clutch because it went better with her outfit than the one she had. Oh, ok.

Seriously, whatever – celeb arrests are hardly headline-worthy, and, with this being Paris’s second drug bust THIS SUMMER (her friend wound up pleading guilty to the charges and Paris was off the hook-hmm, a pattern?), I’m kind of like, BFD, ya know?

What is worthy of comment, however, is how good Paris manages to look in her mug shots – all three of them! If you’re gonna end up in the slamma, I guess this is the way to go.

2006 - DUI; 2007 - turning self into jail to serve time for DUI; 2010 - cocaine possession

Some people are not so lucky. Mischa never looks good,  so it’s hardly shocking that’d she’d look sallow and greasy in a mug shot. I’m not sure what Jason Wahler did this time (he’s been arrested on seven different occasions – like, really?), but they might wanna go ahead and book him for mass murder, as I’m pretty sure this is what mass murderers look like.

They actually look like they belong in jail.

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