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Breath of fresh air

Posted by AllieB on September 27, 2010

Those who don’t live in ATL wrongly assume that we go from disgusting, humid, suffocating summers straight into bleak, snowless winters, and, while, yes, those are accurate descriptions for those two seasons, the spring and the fall in Atlanta actually happen to be quite glorious.

Finally, after what was definitely the longest, stickiest, most oppressively hot summer that I can remember, fall has arrived…!

courtesy of via Henrietta Edge

Fall Favorites:

  • football (of the Falcon variety)
  • pretty leaves
  • outdoor AWD’s (a perennial favorite, it seems)
  • outdoor yogs (minus the allergies)
  • breaking out non-black items in my wardrobe, as fear of sweating thru clothing has decreased significantly

Seriously, thank you for sharing this, Sister. Monday Mania – you are dismissed.

I really phoned this one in.

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  1. Snausage said

    Temp= 77
    Monday Mania Level = 277

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