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Meet & Greet: My Restaurant Spreadsheet

Posted by AllieB on November 2, 2010

I published my restaurant spreadsheet as a web page that looks exactly like a spreadsheet and it can now be found under the page, “Eat & Greet: Atlanta Restaurants.” This page can be accessed via the tool bar on top. Hopefully one day I can do something way cooler with it…

Here is the document: Atlanta Restaurants, and below is a little preview – a snack, if you will – of the real deal.

Ross: You ate my sandwich?

Dr. Leedbetter: It was a simple mistake. It could happen to anyone.

Ross: Oh-oh really? Did you confuse it with your own turkey sandwich with a Moist Maker?

Dr. Leedbetter: No.

Ross: Do you perhaps remember seeing a note on top of it?

Dr. Leedbetter: There may have been a-a joke or a limerick of some kind.

Ross: That said it was my sandwich?!

Dr. Leedbetter: Now calm down. Come look in my office, some of it my still be in the trash.

Ross: What??!?!

Dr. Leedbetter: Well, it was quite large. I had to throw most of it away.

Ross: You-you-you-you threw my sandwich away!


Ross: MY SANDWICH!!!!!!

-The One with Ross’s Sandwich

2 Responses to “Meet & Greet: My Restaurant Spreadsheet”

  1. Jennifer said

    Allie! I found your blog and I am loving it. I am highly entertained.

    P.S. Aren’t comments the best?

  2. AllieB said

    Hi, Jennifer!!

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