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Time to take things down a notch

Posted by AllieB on September 2, 2010

People do stupid things when they drink too much. Fortunately, these bonehead moves rarely make national headlines…unless you’re this guy.’s headline reads:

Man Lost $1.4 Million Corot Painting After Boozing

Ouch. James Carl Haggerty walked into a bar with the painting, drank for several  hours, left with the painting, yet managed to arrive home sans painting. Perhaps he left it in the taxi? This isn’t a Blackberry, James, it’s a $1.4 million, art historically important painting by renowned artist Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot. James was hired by co-owners Tom Doyle and Kristen Trudgeon to have the painting appraised, and earned a nice $25,000 fee for his troubles. Understandably, they are now suing him, deeming his rock-solid explanation unacceptable:

“The next morning, Haggerty informed Doyle that he did not have the painting, and could not recall its whereabouts citing that he had too much to drink the previous evening,” the suit says.

At least he’s being honest. You can’t help but feel sorry for him – I bet his moral hangover was off the charts.

I suppose this story is too outlandishly ridiculous to really teach us a lesson in the perils of over-consumption – maybe Smart Water’s new advertising campaign is more on-level:

that is a very wise billboard

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