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Just say no to saying no

Posted by AllieB on February 7, 2011

I’ve found that whether I have $20 or $200, I still do the same stuff. I don’t really understand how this works because that’s a pretty big $180 difference, but it seems to be so – I’m great at getting a bang for my buck, but I can also frivol away money in a manner that suggests I literally must be throwing it in the trash can because I can never account for a penny of it.

Truth be told, I’m much more likely to have $20 than $200, yet I find that I rarely have to miss out on anything. Saying no is among my least favorite things to do and it’s very bad for my FOMO Affliction, so I’ve had to figure out an Allie-friendly approach to dealing with my finances. See as follows:

  • Trader Joe’s. TJ’s is awesome for people like me: ie, people on a budget who like wine and stuffed pasta. I am not ashamed to say that last week I purchased a bottle of the Two Buck Chuck Cab Sav, and I paid for it with a one dollar bill and the remaining $2.01 in change. Counting out nickels isn’t anyone’s proudest moment, but whatever – money’s money.
  • Whole Foods. I know – Whole Pocketbook is on my “how to be thrifty” list?! But yes, it is: the samples. At the WF on W. Paces, there is always a table with carrots and your choice of Asian dressings (the Ginger is my favorite), and carrots are a power veggie! There’s usually at lease one fruit sample over in that fruit/veggie section, also. And if you’re careful to avoid things made with potatoes, you can get a heaping serving of healthy stuff from the cold salad bar for under $3.
  • It pays to not branch out. In consistently patronizing the same places, you make friendly with the bartenders/servers/owners, and they will reward your “regular” status with discounted wares.

So, those are the tricks of my trade: Trader Joe’s, meals out of free samples, and know people who own and/or work at places where you like to eat and drink. Also, cut jagerbombs out of your beverage repertoire.

I know this went viral before it even aired during the Super Bowl, but it’s a pretty awesome commercial…you don’t need sound to appreciate.

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  1. Mmmmm said

    Indulge in the chocolate eclairs that “hover” over the rim of the garbage a la George Costanza. Delicious and also a dessert dime saver.

    Jam? Good. Garbage? Goooood. Meat? Gooooood.

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