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There are other virtues

Posted by AllieB on August 25, 2010

I’m fairly certain that even the most patient of people have a bout of road rage every now and again. For those of us decidedly lacking in the patience arena, these “episodes” are not infrequent.

I am slightly irked when someone cuts me off then proceeds to travel at a speed that I could surpass on foot. I am somewhat ticked off by random road construction and inconvenient detours. But I am legit furious when some halfwit thwarts my progress through a crowded intersection – that is when I cross over to the dark side.

It happens like this: some jackass decides the NO TURN sign hanging in plain view doesn’t apply to him, and everyone else is forced to just sit there as the traffic piles up, enduring the agony of watching the light change to yellow then red…..AAARGH it just makes me so MAD!!!

I’m a little riled up right now just thinking about it.

While I may not be patient, I am relentlessly optimistic and can find a silver lining on even the darkest of clouds. Today, my sunny outlook on life has reminded me that it’s a good thing I do not live in China, for this simply wouldn’t do.

People were stuck in this SIXTY MILE traffic jam for TEN DAYS. I would off myself.

Monica: Ross, are you okay?

Ross: I’m fine! I saw a psychiatrist at work today.

Monica: Why?!

Ross: On account of my rage.

-The One With Ross’s Sandwich

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  1. Billy said

    I really love your blog. You, however, I’m still up in the air about.

  2. S said


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