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Best in Show: Grits

Posted by AllieB on July 23, 2010

I love grits – I guess you could say I’m a bona fide GRIT (nerd chills)……anyway, I find them to be an excellent side dish morning, noon, or night, so I always order them when dining out.

I would like to first acknowledge the clear winner of this category – The Last Resort Grille in Athens, GA, aka Mecca. Their Salmon and Grits entree will forever hold a firm place in my Top 5 Favorite Meals, and Resort itself places similarly in my Top 5 Favorite Restaurants.

However, if you’re ITP,  Basil’s Restaurant and Bar is by far your best bet. Their jalapeño cheese grits are incredible. Like, they’re amazing. You have to go, and you must get them. I was there recently for dinner, and I almost passed out when our waiter announced the nightly special:  Bacon-Wrapped Scallops  served with a side of the grits. I love bacon-wrapped anything, first of all, so I was totally sold. The dish was amazing and I think/talk about it often.

I’ve also heard great things about their brunch, and their patio is one of the best in B-head. Oh, and they have a delicious Vinho Verde that is light and delicious and sells for $26/bottle.

On left: exterior of Last Resort in Athens and a snapshot of their culinary masterpiece. On right: Basil's on Grandview Ave in Buckhead

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  1. Allibert said

    Turns out lunch is awesome, too. I enjoyed a very large house salad and a bowl of grits for $6. Sedge, KShort, and BP all agreed about the grits – they’re that good…I’m enjoying my leftovers right now.

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