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Posted by AllieB on August 16, 2010

Family vacation –  in the words of Dickens (thanks, goog): “it was the best of times; it was the worst of times…”

Since I was old enough to realize how fortunate I was to grow up in a family like mine, I have appreciated how hard my parents have worked to take my two sisters and I on some pretty fantastic trips. They’ve instilled in all of us the curiosity and desire to explore the world beyond our city, state, and country, and I’ve been some awesome places and done some awesome things as a result.

However. Travel is stressful, particularly in foreign countries, particularly when the GPS goes defunct in the back roads of northern France, and particularly when everyone is positive they are correct in whether we should go straight thru the roundabout, or take the third turn.

In the grand scheme of things, the freakouts and harsh words are worth it for the unforgettable things we get to see…

Cerisay - my aunt and uncle's home in France, about two hours northeast of Paris.

We just returned from a nine day trip to France, and, while it was not without incident (a woman DIED on our plane trip over – she had a seizure in the aisle not one foot from my chair…it was not pleasant), we persevered with our twisted Baxter humor and had an incredible trip.

Merci beaucoup, Mom and Dad…

Baxter Five at Chateau d'O

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  1. Billy said

    that place is a dump. your parents are straight up evil for making you go.

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