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Meet & Greet: Missy Baxter

Posted by AllieB on July 23, 2010

This is Missy. She is a feisty ten year old black lab who loves to play ball, swim, and eat blocks of gourmet cheese in one swallow. Missy does not like bugs, airports, or being rinsed off with a hose. She once sprained her tail because she wagged it so much/too aggressively.

Hi, Missy!

4 Responses to “Meet & Greet: Missy Baxter”

  1. Gaylen said

    What a beautiful dog. And a very happy one, too!

  2. Charlotte said

    This is quite the montage. I like that her ears are actually in motion in the center shot.

  3. […] this is not a photo of my meal – mine was slightly less photogenic. Things went awry when Missy Baxter tried to eat the homemade chocolate chip cookie dough I’d just made, and I had to leave my […]

  4. Katie Farrar said

    This post makes me happy, as does Missy. And I’m not even a lover of big dogs. xo

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