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The Allie Awards

Posted by AllieB on September 21, 2010

I was reading archived articles in the Atlanta Business Chronicle online recently, and I stumbled upon a brief write-up about an event that took place in April: The Allie Awards. My interest was immediately piqued – I was already thrilled to see my name on an award that warranted mention in the ABC, but then it got even better: the award was for Best Buffet.

The Allie Awards honor the best catering companies in Atlanta, as well as other aspects of event planning – venue, tents, etc. What a perfect match for me, AllieB, line-leader at the buffet and lover of all things wrapped in bacon.

I wonder if they are looking for a spokesperson? A face of The Allies, if you will…I would be happy to attend various events in the name of research.

Or perhaps I’ll just come up with my own, more relevant categories and have The AllieB Awards. Let’s see…

  • Best Hot Sandwich: Publix’s Philly Cheesesteak
  • Best Quesadilla: Paul’s on the Patio (you’d be surprised)
  • Best Stuffed Pasta (on a budget): Trader Joe’s Portobello Mushroom Ravioli
  • Best Stuffed Pasta (not so much on a budget): Sotto Sotto’s Ravioli Nudi
  • Best Nachos: Tavern 99

clearly I am qualified to designate awards pertaining to food

4 Responses to “The Allie Awards”

  1. Oh Hai said

    Poised, graceful

  2. AllieB said


  3. Nom Nom Nom said

    Doesn’t share? That’s being generous. As I recall, this dessert was actually STOLEN from the unfortunate couple seated at Table Baxter who we had to spend the rest of the evening avoiding after the Militant German Waitress put the smackdown on our efforts to order a replacement!

  4. Mom said

    Missy doesn’t either. Who learned it from whom?

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