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Best in Show: Thai

Posted by AllieB on October 13, 2010

Having lived in Thailand for a few months a few years ago, I am a huge fan of all things Thai – the beaches and the noodles, in particular. While the beaches are difficult to re-create in this hemisphere (I do love Tybee, but…it’s not quite the same), the noodles can be – and they often are quite well.

In addition to the noodle dishes – Pad Thai, Pad See Ew (wide, flat noodles in a heavier soy sauce – SO good) – all of ┬áthe Thai restaurants do appetizers really well: calamari, satay skewers, fresh basil rolls…and, to top it off, they have the best condiments of any other ethnic cuisine, IMO.

Here are some places of note:

  • Surin of Thailand – N. Highland: it’s a collegey-crowd after hours, but the food is legit. I went there on an awful date once and the guy, midway through the meal, interrupted my story to tell me how poorly my breath smelled and that maybe I should find some gum. I did not prefer his company. ANYway – their stir fry dishes are really good, and when they have 3 – 4 chilis next to an item to denote spiciness, they are not messing around.
  • Tuk Tuk Thai – South Buckhead: trying to emulate the whole “street food” idea of Bangkok; very authentic dishes. The beef skewers and the sticky rice with peanut sauce are two of my faves. I very much like the outdoor seating with the unencumbered view of the ATL skyline. Good for groups.
  • Little Bangkok – Cheshire Bridge: a real gem…I like the Pad Thai, people rave about the stir fry dishes…not much for ambiance, but food is awesome. They also serve Chinese cuisine. Best for: Sunday supper.
  • Rama V – Buckhead: great for a dinner pre-going out because they lost their liquor license and it’s now BYO, they also have an extensive sushi menu good for lighter fare…haven’t had their food in awhile, but it’s still many people’s go-to.
  • Annie’s Thai Castle and Aqua Bistro are also noteworthy and ideal for Sunday Suppers…and other nights, too. I wonder of AquaB still has that fishbowl special on Thursday evenings…?
  • Nan – Midtown: if someone would please take me here, I would be more than happy to go. Not sure I really seem them jumping on the Groupon bandwagon…

Now I’m hungry. And I want to go back to Thailand, preferably back to Rai Leh Beach (shown below). I hate it when I do this.

I didn't Google Image this; I took it with my very own camera. It was awesome.

2 Responses to “Best in Show: Thai”

  1. Fond HolidayMemories said

    Hmm, where’s Bluepointe on this list?

  2. AllieB said

    I knew, I KNEW you were going to bring that up. Bluepointe is not on the list because they do not specialize in Thai cuisine. Also, I didn’t want to mention the Pad Thai debacle of Xmas Eve 2k9…but, it is true – they do serve up a tasty bowl of noodles.

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