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Today is Wednesday

Posted by AllieB on October 13, 2010

This week has been dragging. I’m busy, yet I’m not busy. I was social on Monday for the Braves game (thanks, Bobby!), and that always throws me off re: what day I feel like it should be. Even my horoscope has me nailed. It reads:

Are you guilty of clock watching AND calendar watching? Those midweek blahs are just a state of mind. Give yourself permission to break from routine and do something “weekend-y” this evening.

Yes, yes, and I would be glad to do something weekend-y tonight. The horoscopes on are uncannily on-point a majority of the time. MC and I have been reading them for years, and we often marvel at their knowledge. After Gmail, Facebook, and Wachovia, it’s the next tab I open every morning.

To add insult to injury, the weather is beyond spectacular and all I want to do is drive around and listen to tunes. Leila, is my cd ready yet?

Lastly, my mom and I went to Cocktails & Canvas last night, and it turns out that I’m something of an artiste. We had a really good time, although you should know that they do not provide glasses OR wine openers, so bring your own. The young lady sitting across from me was prepared for the lack of wine drinking accoutrements and had eschewed the whole idea by instead bringing a cooler of watermelon-flavored Smirnoff Ice. To each their own, I suppose.

Art by Allie

Egregious oversight: I mentioned I went with my mom, but I neglected to share her art. Perhaps it was envy that provokedd this delinquency…hers is much better than mine! I seriously want to go back – keep an eye out for the next Groupon, Gaylen…

3 Responses to “Today is Wednesday”

  1. Mary Catherine said


    I often wonder if this will appear when someone I’m interviewing with googles my name or something….def would get the job.

  2. Artiste Aussi said

    I thought my painting was pretty good, too, and might deserve a mention.

  3. Gaylen Wins said

    Gaylen’s portrait > Allie’s portrait

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