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Shameful Post

Posted by AllieB on November 2, 2010

In the past, when I’ve surveyed others as to what sort of material they might want to read about on my little blog here, people always say I should write about shameful Facebook posts, of which there are a plethora. I’m not going to go on a tirade of things I hate on Facebook, but I do like to make fun of people who do stupid things on Facebook.

The sad thing is – sometimes people are innocent victims of their insolent friends. See below. The origin of this escapes me – I think Pal shared it last summer…? I don’t really know, but I’ve protected names and faces. (Although I will assert that I did not know, nor did I have a single friend in common with, any of the people involved.)

Commentator #1 needs a refresher in Social Niceties: What Not to Say to a Recently Separated Person, Particularly on a Viral Platform Such as Facebook. Commentator #3 did the right thing in calling him out. However, and maybe this is just my preference to avoid potentially awk situations, I would have inquired of a close, trustworthy mutual friend as to what happened, and then sent an email – NOT an FB message – offering my condolences or whatever was appropriate in this scenario.

Either way, Commentator #1: you’re fired.

I know I have more shameful material than this archived in my color-coded labels. BOLO for Shameful Post, Vol II.

4 Responses to “Shameful Post”

  1. Leila Ann said

    I believe my biggest annoyance with facebook ( or more so some of it’s members, who will remain anonymous) are the people who CONSTANTLY update their relationship status. FYI…we get it…your single. And in case you forget, you also updated it last week and the week before and NO one has asked you out. Maybe connect the dots.

  2. Mary Catherine said

    I shared that! Honored to say that was my ‘friend’, aka someone I’ve met once and exchanged 10 words with

  3. AllieB said

    Lo siento, Mary Smelly! Now that I think about it, you’ve shared lots of shameful posts w me in the past – I will search your label for more gems.

  4. Knowledge Tree said

    There definitely needs to be a ‘Facebook Abuse’ button.

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