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Do as I say, never as I do


Posted by AllieB on January 4, 2011

New Years Ressies for 2011…well, first I’d like to say that I’ve never been big on NYR’s because I do not respond well to self-inflicted restraints. Now, if I could get my head around the fact that these are not restraints, but goals, and they are not self-inflicted, but set with my best interest in mind, then perhaps I might have more success adhering to them.

Bottom line is: whenever I try to encourage myself to do something, my other self likes to rebel and prove that I don’t give a tiny rat’s a**. This is just silly because the only person being affected here is yours truly. Plus, it makes me sound like I have a multiple personality disorder, and that can’t be good.

So, here goes – my non-resolution resolutions for this year:

  1. Run a half, perhaps even full, marathon
  2. Cook for myself more. Nothing complicated – we’re not all Rachel Ray (THANK GOD), but how difficult can chicken w some veggies be…or even a tasty casserole…I have a few foodie blogs I can peruse for inspiration: Closet Cooking (I find Kevin just utterly charming), and Smitten Kitchen (I find her decidedly less charming but very wise) to name a few…
  3. Keep myself busy – be it a writing course at Emory, some sort of volunteer work, Dance Wii (it’s a date, Pantalones!) I want to keep myself/brain constantly active. Basically, I would like to have a schedule full of post/non work activities that do not necessarily include AWD’s. I’ve been told by both peers and people with letters after their name pertaining to a medical profession that I think way too much – but not in a good way. I figure – keep myself busy and I won’t have time to hem and haw over stuff that really doesn’t matter.

There might be a few more, but I’m not quite ready to divulge my heart of hearts on the WWW, so those I have shared only with a select few.

I have MISSED BBT!!! I had work-mandated time off from Christmas Eve – Jan 3 (as in, the office was closed, not that they asked me to leave…), and I totally checked out. I’m excited for the upcoming year – I hope to establish a more specific premise and perhaps even get this thing off the ground. I’m wondering if my largest category should be something besides “Arbitrary.” Hmm. Food for thought. Something to ponder. Chew on that. Etc.

Missy & Me on Christmas Eve; not my best look, I am realizing

Perhaps I will write exclusively about Missy Baxter…she at least deserves her own category.

**Afterthought: I would also like to add Do more yoga to that list. Or – actually do yoga at all, period, as I haven’t done it since that one time back in 2k9. I think it would be really good for me…on account of my rage.

4 Responses to “NYR 2k11 OMG LYLAS BOLO”

  1. Recreational Runner said

    Remember how college football season got in the way of your last Half? Put in for the lottery for New York and I promise that won’t happen.

  2. AllieB said

    That is true, it did. I could maybe do this…we could do it together! By “together” I mean be in New York City at the same time.

  3. Sister said

    Missy looks a little like I do when you mash me. >: |

  4. AllieB said

    Yes – it is an expression of pure bliss. I know it well.

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