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Mmmm Tasty

Posted by AllieB on March 22, 2011

I miss J Simps :(

Two of Georgia’s most acclaimed culinary artistes, Hugh Acheson and Linton Hopkins (Westminster Class of ’85…!), have made it past the second round of the illustrious James Beard Foundation Award nomination process. A has wisely suggested that we do a tour of their local eateries to show our support. In ATL we could go to Empire State South for Hugh and HF for Linton (I’m lumping Eugene into HF – hope that’s ok), and then go on our annual spring sojourn to Athens and visit The National and Five & Ten. A: I’m so in I’m almost out.

my ethos likes their ethos.

I love meal-centric excursions. I’ve been known to go out of my way for something I really, really wanted…

  • Rio Bravo, Spring 2002. Sydney and I really wanted homemade tortillas, and I called around Athens to see if anyone made them…On the Border tried to connect me to their wholesale tortilla dealer in El Paso. Um, I think not OtB. We drove the 45 mins to Pleasanthill Road to indulge in the doughy deliciousness and strawberry daquiris. RIP Rio Bravo.
  • Philly Connection, Winter 2004. There was one outside Watkinsville attached to a suspicious off-brand gas station…I had three failed attempts before I finally made it. Partially due to my questionable sense of direction, this was also because I was always sure I had gone too far and was about to wind up in Deliverance. It was worth it, though, when I finally made it – Philly Connection is always worth it.

TMI. I feel like I should talk about something other than food…yoga! I did yoga yesterday. I am zen; Meet & Greet Yogi Allie; my inner peace has found peace.

And, lastly, my most favorite part of today: in honor of  WJWIII’s birth….

5 Responses to “Mmmm Tasty”

  1. SRM said

    The next time I’m in the ATL I better get to go out and eat with you. NO more getting out of it.

    I’m tired of reading about these establishments and amazing food in your blog and not getting to indulge. Heck, I’ll even pay (so now you have no excuse). Better yet, the company should pay! Win, win, win.

  2. HB said

    I want to go to there… There being HF, Restaurant Eugene, Five and Ten and the National… sigh.

  3. Tortilla Lover said

    Thanks for the shout out. That was an amazing day. Next time, I hope to hear a story that makes me out to be a little more of a badass. ha.

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