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Tex’s Tacos: yes, please

Posted by AllieB on April 18, 2011

While they claim they’re not “reinventing the wheel,” Mac Helms and Harrison Jones, owners/chefs of the brand new Tex’s Tacos, have somehow managed to offer a new spin on standard Tex-Mex cuisine – “Nueva Texicana” – and they nailed it. With a “home base” located in the heart of Buckhead next to our nearest and dearest, Kramerica Industries, they are also taking their product mobile – today, for instance, the truck is at the Prominence Building in Buckhead from 11:45 – 2:00.

Tex’s has only been open for a weekend, but the food was superb as was the service. I obviously plan to try everything on the menu, but so far I especially recommend the following:

  • Carne Asada taco – perfectly seasoned and cooked beef with grilled onions, cilantro, guac and queso fresco
  • Al Pastor quesadilla with pork. The Al Pastor is unlike anything I’ve ever had: slow-roasted pork marinated in chillies and pineapple topped with onions, pineapple, fresh cilantro and queso fresco. The cheese was melted to gooey perfection wherein it was more of a glue for the ingredients than an extra ingredient itself. It was seriously awesome.
  • Chips, salsa, and guac: the chips are the amazing kind like Rio Bravo used to have – paper thin and super fresh. (I am seriously having a hard time letting go of Rio Bravo even though it’s been closed for over a decade…maybe Tex’s can help???)

parked outside home base in Buckhead

Mac and Harrison worked on the recipes for months and have pretty much got it figured out… I’m waiting on those cheese fries, fellas. They will frequently offer late night fare on the weekends from their store front (which is great – there is definitely a noted lack of such spots in Buckhead), yet their food is light and fresh enough to seek out for a mid-week lunch. Follow them on Twitter to find out truck locations. Everything is $5 or under AND they accept cash and credit cards.

BBT says: you’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t go to here.

Between these guys and Yumbii, I may never have Taco Bell again…

5 Responses to “Tex’s Tacos: yes, please”

  1. Anna B Sibley said

    Love it!

  2. SRM said

    I’m happy for you. Not only do you have an overwhelming number of good restaurants but now they all have trucks to deliver their wares directly to you. Not fair!

  3. 7...7...7 said

    I’ll have 7 tacos, thx.

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