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Yeah…I’m kind of over it.

Posted by AllieB on April 19, 2011

Newsflash: I love all things Kate Middleton. And I really think she would love all things Allie Baxter, if I hypnotized her or tricked her in some way given the chance. I think it’s our uncanny similarities: our path to royalty, our ability to stay poised and collected in the face of turmoil, our impeccable appearance…truly, the list goes on. I cannot wait to see what her dress looks like, and I know the wedding itself will be glorious, but, that said….I am kind of over everyone else’s obsession.

Really, Papa John’s? (The Hairpin)

People are saying that her wedding will be the most watched event ever, in the history of television, and I realize you’d have to be a real dunce to not want to score in on the cash cow that is a Royal Wedding, but it’s become less fun for me, somehow. Ok, wait, I actually just did the research to back my previous statement, and they are expecting TWO BILLION people to tune in. This, plus the 400 million who will watch via other media (online, etc.) will account for over a quarter of the world’s population. Needless to say, the mind reels.

I dunno, I’m just a little bored, is all. I could only make it through half of the Lifetime movie last night, and I am kind of sick of the “speculating” about honeymoon destinations and what her dress looks like. Chill out, peeps, we’ll know when we know. Kate has already told me, telepathically, but I clearly won’t divulge.

I am ever devoted to Princess Kate, and I will absolutely be one of the two billion watching next Friday morning, but I’m going rogue til then – unless you have a fridge wrapping or similar to send me, I’m out.

In other celeb-crazy news: Tim Riggins Beer Popsicles – Tim Rigginsicles. Tina, shall we make some this weekend – some poolside refreshments, perhaps? They give you step-by-step instructions, so it’ll be super easy….

My level of kiddingness is neg.

8 Responses to “Yeah…I’m kind of over it.”

  1. CKB said

    Hmm, so does this mean you ARE or are NOT interested in this party planner website for your own Royal Wedding Sleepover, complete with downloads like Save the Dates (as IF those are necessary!) and the 17-page “Full BRS Kit”???

  2. Tina said

    Yes! Count me in! I heart Tim Riggins.

  3. Tina said

    I’m wearing a dress with my cowboy boots to work today. Kind of feel like Tami Taylor. Too bad I can’t be married to Coach Taylor. You know he’s on my list, right?

  4. bandwagon abandoner said

    Ms. Baxter…I never. thought. I’d. see. the. day.

  5. LK said

    OMG. I am dying over the Kate and Will pizza.

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