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Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose

Posted by AllieB on August 5, 2010

Friday Night Lights is one of my top three favorite television shows, but it can be tough work to watch it. The bleak setting, the seemingly insurmountable struggles that every character faces – seriously, there is nary a soul on that show who has a charmed life – it can get a little frustrating.

At times I honestly want to turn it off because I can’t handle the massive letdowns that the good, hardworking folk of Dillon, Texas have to deal with. The Taylor family is good people and they do NOT deserve this crap! But then, just when I’m like, “this is borderline masochistic to watch,” they will allow a victory, a silver lining so inspiring that I am enraptured all over again. It’s exhausting, truly – a real emotional roller coaster.

Were the cast not comprised of exactly who it is, the show would be unwatchable. I want Coach Taylor to come to my house and order me to get my priorities straight; I wish that Principal Tami Taylor had ruled my high school with the same stern compassion; and I would do just about anything to take a ride with Tim Riggins in that beat-up truck of his.

Sorry I’m not sorry I immerse myself in television – I have similarly strong feelings about Modern Family. Good tv is good tv.

Oh, hey Tim.

4 Responses to “Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose”

  1. Charlotte said

    You seem to be leaving out the important detail about your close and personal relationship with Matt Saracen aka Zach Guilford, not to mention his attic and conversion van.

  2. Tina said

    Coach Taylor is on my ‘list.’ I’m pretty sure Tim is on there too. How long can this ‘list’ be? 5?, 7?

  3. Allibert said

    I was going to mention the family ties, but there wasn’t really a succinct way to explain the relationship…or I didn’t think there was – you summed it up quite nicely!

  4. Allibert said

    And Tina – that gratuitous pic of TR was for you.

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