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On notice: TUESDAYS

Posted by AllieB on August 17, 2010

It has recently come to my attention that Tuesday is by FAR the worst day of the week. Here’s why:

  • Tuesday night tv is awful. I cannot think of a single television program, historically or currently, that airs on Tuesday evenings.
  • I often mistake Tuesdays for Wednesdays, and I get really angry when I realize I am wrong.
  • It is lame.

I know – my reasons are so reasonable. I’ve been trying to think of a two syllable word that begins with the letter T so I could revise the lyrics of The Bangles 80’s chart-topper Manic Monday, but I’ve got nothing. I bet this is why the song is called Manic Monday – they wanted to sing about how abominable Tuesdays are, but they couldn’t find an adjective that fit.

Torrid Tuesday…

Tacky Tuesday…

Trashy Tuesday…

Whatevs, that song is annoying anyway. I’m going to watch Bill Go Big Time.

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  1. Lucy said

    Tragic Tuesdays

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