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Uninspiring Words for the Uninspired

Posted by AllieB on September 13, 2010

It’s Monday. I’m really tired. I’ve restricted all non-work related interaction to the following words:

Meh. Neat. Blerg.

All three of these are highly effective conversation enders. Give it a try – people leave you alone pretty much immediately, unless you’re talking to Hilary and she will not. She will just ask you more questions until you feel like your head might explode and you have to step away from your computer.

As a nod to the season premier’s of 90210 and Gossip Girl, both of which air TONIGHT, I share with you this mildly entertaining clip. (It wasn’t until I read a post on my own blog that I remembered this exciting bit of news. I feel very appreciative of my blogging efforts because I had totally forgotten they were coming on tonight, and my Monday Mania just decreased tenfold. Thanks, AllieB – consider your horn tooted.  (Tooted. Ha.))

Anyway, this clip is a mash-up of various GG clips from 2008 done in the style of the old-school 90210 credits. The little blonde girl with the big eyes and fresh face who you won’t recognize as a current cast member is Taylor Momsen, which, to use her words, makes me wanna die. She went from Cindy Lou Hoo to JailBait McMegaSlore pretty much overnight. It saddens me…it really does.

Yaaaaaaay Fall TV is back…!

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