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stride, stride, stride…EXECUTE

Posted by AllieB on October 27, 2010

This commercial cracks me up. Sidebar: I’m thisclose to caving and springing for DVR – I’m sick of missing my programs. I can only talk on the phone during commercials; I have to time my workouts and showers precisely, as well as any food preparation…plus, Leila Ann talks a LOT and even when we watch episodes 2-3 times, I still miss at least half of what went on – I must have access to these things in the comfort of my own home. I’m pretty sure I can justify the $15/month…yup, I’m calling Comcast right now.

Anyway, I love the expression on this little guy’s face – it’s no eTrade, but it’s still pretty good. You don’t need sound, but it will  certainly enhance your experience as it is a Janis Joplin classic…

Happy Hump Day!

Wednesdays, after Fridays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and the occasional Sunday, are my favorite day of the week. Not only is there excellent television (Modern Family has effectively stymied any kind of sophomore slump), but people start to emerge from their cave dwelling and are willing – eager? – to participate in organized activities, such as….SUPPER CLUB! I’m so proud of us for finally setting dates and sticking to them. I have no idea what is on the menu, but I’m very much looking forward to it. Me, I will be bringing Two Buck Chuck as Wells Fargo has totally screwed me over in this stupid transition from Wachovia (sorry, K – I’m not happy), and I am horribly poor until they get their act together.

Mitchell: She wants us to buy Lily a Blackberry.
Cam: She doesn’t have the dexterity for that! What’s happening!?

My horoscope has just informed me that today is a ME day and, because I have been working very hard all week, I deserve a reward this evening. Who am I to dispute this wisdom. I really do love Wednesdays.

Oh, Hilary. You are soooo hilarious. Ha. Ha. I much prefer Pal’s handiwork to your own.

oh look - it's Baxter and I'm barking twice

Note: I don’t actually have that many chins.

4 Responses to “stride, stride, stride…EXECUTE”

  1. HB said

    pretty puppies.

  2. Tina said

    I heard chili is on the menu tonight. Can’t wait!

    I re-watched Modern Family and 30 Rock last night. They’re even better the second time. Cam makes me giggle.

  3. B2X said

    Note: she’s lying

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