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Know Your Audience

Posted by AllieB on October 19, 2010

Starbucks is testing the new “Starbucks Bar” at their flagship store in Seattle. My first reaction was, “Great! Another place that serves wine.” However, upon further examination, I’m thinking: no. They’ve delved into coffee-flavored liquers, available at your local grocer/bottle shop, and their breakfast sandwiches are actually really awesome, but to serve beer and wine at their actual coffee shops just seems wrong to me.

I learned on the Today show this morning that Starbucks does 70% of their business  before 2pm. That’s FINE – you’re a COFFEE shop. I think to add alcohol in the mix will just confuse people. IMO, if Starbucks insists upon pedaling booze, they need to do so in a totally different capacity – perhaps even under a pseudonym – at a location entirely separate from the coffee shops.

When the always-hilarious Al Roker joked, “Sure, I’ll take a Zinfandel Frappucino!” I knew that I would never be able to get behind this idea.

thanks, but no thanks

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