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Meet & Greet: The Ivy

Posted by AllieB on October 19, 2010

The Ivy, owned by the same guys who own City Bar and General Beauregard in Athens,  opened a few weeks ago in North Buckhead. Finally utilizing the massive space left by Carbo’s of the early 90’s and then an event-only space that closed after a large fire, it’s a huge restaurant/bar that, I think, is here to stay.

I’ve been there several times – I have the Oderson’s to thank for that – so I feel I can legitimately critique the place. I was ready to write a rave review after our first meal, but Hilary suggested that I pump the brakes a bit and see how things panned out. Well, they’ve panned out swimmingly, IMO, and here are some points of interest:

  • Order something fried. I suggest the Tempura Portobella Mushroom Caps, but swap out whatever sauce the menu suggests for their Mojo Aioli. Actually, regardless of your order, ask for a side of the Mojo Aioli – it’s awesome. Their chicken fingers are also amazing. The “moist” and “juicy” chicken is encased in some kind of breaded, deep-fried nonsense reminiscent of funnel cakes. I know that sounds weird in theory, but in practice…oh my god.
  • Huge $4 slices of pizza. Their slices are 1/4 of a full pie, and that is not an exaggeration. I recommend “The Ivy” which has sausage and mushrooms and peppers and something else – maybe another meat? They don’t have a menu online.
  • Cecilia’s Cakes. It’s not a rumor – they serve them. Made famous by Last Resort in Athens, they are the best cakes ever, of anyplace I’ve ever been. Caramel and Red Velvet are my favorites…
  • It is very reasonably priced. Pizza for $4/slice, burgers under $10, appetizers in $5 – $8 range…and a very nice house Cabernet for $5/glass. Plus, they have prime outdoor seating and even allow dogs. Done and done.

Overall, I think The Ivy has totally nailed it. The service is decent and will only improve. Plus, I appreciate that they have stemless martini glasses, as I’ve yet to master the itty-bitty stem/wide-mouth top of the standard stemware. The Ivy = the new go-to…?

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The Ivy

3717 Roswell Rd
Atlanta, GA 30342

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  1. Loves it said

    100% agreed!!!!

  2. HB said

    Thumbs up.

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