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O is for OH WOW

Posted by AllieB on October 1, 2010

It’s been a busy week, and I haven’t brought much to the table in terms of internet interaction. I miss emailing and Facebook. Surprisingly, I did not miss gchat. Maybe I’m over gchat? Probably not. Anyway – I haven’t really been following the news, and the stories I have caught wind of I feel are already exhausted in terms of discussion, etc.

However, this Duke “sex thesis” warrants mention. I find it ridiculous (a PowerPoint??) as well as deplorable. Per the Jezebel article (which I will not link to directly because the title is extremely inappropriate):

Upon graduating, the author decided to pass on the wisdom she had learned, in thesis format. The subject: “An education beyond the classroom: excelling in the realm of horizontal academics.”

Her poor parents. They were probably so proud that their daughter got into Duke (Puke), and then she goes and does this. What a treat! Imagine their Christmas card letter: “…and our slore of a daughter made a PowerPoint about her sex life that the entire world has been able to read. We feel really good about the $180,000 we spent on her tuition.”

I do think this regrettable situation can teach us all a lesson or two: 1. try to refrain from making detailed PowerPoints about your sexual relations, and 2. anything you write and then share via the web is free game – even if it’s just an email to three friends. FYI. Note to self. Words of wisdom.

**UPDATE: if you’re so inclined, this is a link to the clear non-blurry version – names, faces, etc…..wowza. Barstool Sports

Moving along – it is Friday, hoorah, and Friday is a great day for video montages. This is incredible. Even if you haven’t seen every single episode of Friends five or more times like, say, me or Sister or Hilary or Pal or Kara or Leila, you can’t not enjoy Ross.

Ross: Oh, major shampoo explosion!

Rachel: Uh, look Ross, this really isn’t easy.

Ross: Oh, it’s all over everything. Why? Why me?

Rachel: Because you took three hundred bottles of shampoo?

Ross: Oh, not another one! Oh my G… And this is moisturizer. It’s even harder to clean! Why? Why do bad things happen to good people?

3 Responses to “O is for OH WOW”

  1. A said

    you are a funny human allieb, this was a lovely treat for to liven up mid-morning Friday

  2. Mary Catherine said

    I just went Red Ross on someone.

  3. Monica said

    “On account of my rage…”

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