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Posted by AllieB on September 7, 2010

Summertime TV is not my favorite thing. Networks – especially those of the cable variety – have done a good job of spacing out their programming so that there’re some decent shows during the months that all the major networks are on hiatus, but it’s still tough going. I found Bachelor Pad to be among the worst of these filler shows, and I’m thankful that soon How I Met Your Mother, Gossip Girl, and 90210 will return to my Monday evening line-up.

That said…fall is near; new tv is almost here!! This site provides a complete, comprehensive list of premiere dates, and here are some especially worth noting:

  • Gossip GirlMon Sept 13: I hear it’s going to be better than last season – let’s hope so
  • 90210Mon Sept 13: will Annie come clean? Will Naomi’s cruel older sister continue to ruin her life? We shall see…
  • Top Chef: Just DessertsWed Sept 15: I love all things Top Chef
  • Always Sunny in PhiladelphiaThurs Sept 16: there are no words that could even remotely convey my excitement
  • How I Met Your MotherMon Sept 20: I’m about ready to meet this mother, myself
  • GleeTues Sept 21: there’s going to be an episode featuring B. Spears and her music this season, and I cannot wait
  • Running WildeTues Sept 21: this new sitcom from the producers of Arrested Development stars Will Arnett and Keri Russell (LOVE Keri Russell – she’s just so pretty, and I really liked her Emmy outfit, too). There are especially high expectations for this one, and a recent blurb in the Wall Street Journal said that the pilot was not a huge hit with a case study group, so cast and script changes were to be made. I will for sure watch.
  • The MiddleWed Sept 22: surprisingly hilarious, comes on before Modern Family – it’s worth a watch
  • Modern FamilyWed Sept 22: obvi
  • Cougar TownWed Sept 22: I love the cast of this show – they have great chemistry. Jennifer Anniston guest stars in season premiere as Jules’s (Courteney Cox) therapist.
  • 30 RockThurs Sept 22: der
  • Grey’s AnatomyThurs Sept 23: I still watch this program and it’s really good, esp now that Katherine Heigl is gone
  • My GenerationThurs Sept 23: a new drama on ABC – people reconvene at a ten year high school reunion, secrets are revealed, pots are stirred…could be good
  • The OfficeThurs Sept 22: Steve Carrell’s final season…sometimes my hyper-sensitive secondhand awkwardness has difficulty with this show
  • Saturday Night LiveSat Sept 25: Amy Poehler hosts and Katy Perry will provide the music
  • Desperate HousewivesSun Sept 26: it just keeps getting better, IMO
  • Brothers & SistersSun Sept 26: the season finale was heart-wrenching – can’t wait to see how things turn out
  • The Good Wife Tues Sept 28: last year’s first season was a huge success, it’s one of my favorites

A gem from Modern Family – it gets real good around 1:08.

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