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Agree to Disagree: Top 20 Restaurants in ATL

Posted by AllieB on October 26, 2010

I know I write a good bit about food around Atlanta, but if there’s anyone who knows the eateries around this place – it’s Kennedy. She sent me an email yesterday complete with this list and her highly relevant and accurate commentary, and I knew it must be shared. We see eye to eye on just about everything (per usual), and we’re both concerned with the caliber of the journalism behind the composition of this list. Thank you, K, for imparting your invaluable wisdom.

The 20 restaurants in ATL, according to…

  1. Leon’s Full Service – This I can get on board with. Represents a lot of what makes Atlanta great, outside dining, fun drinks, southern but creative food etc.
  2. Ru San’s (UMMM – WTF? HAS THIS WRITER EVEN BEEN TO ATLANTA IN THE PAST DECADE OR DID THEY COPY OVER A LIST FROM THE 90s??) I shudder at the thought. This list has lost all credibility. (Allie Says: this is really very questionable. I’m with K’s all-caps horror.)
  3. Livingston Restaurant + Bar
  4. Rhodes Bakery – Given that this is Southern Living’s list, I suppose that this can slide; I feel as if they make good cakes and pies which I picture on the cover of a Southern Living.
  5. LottaFrutta – never heard of it and don’t even want to google it – shocking, I know.  At the rate this list is going, I will add to my list of places NOT to go. (Allie Says: my thoughts exactly.)
  6. Rosebud – again – where is Holeman and Finch?!
  7. Caf̩ Intermezzo РJust no. The last meal I had here was around 1 am and I still thought it was bad; this is saying something (Allie Says: indeed, this is saying something.)
  8. Flip Burger Boutique – the only thing that I can think of here is that Southern Living is based in B’ham and there’s a Flip in B’ham so maybe they think by adding it to the list it somehow makes B’ham cooler? I see through this little plot…
  9. Fox Bros Bar-B-Q
  10. Taqueria Del Sol – overrated and sort of lame. The end. I’m tempted to stop reading…(Allie Says: I like this place a lot. Should it be #10? No…but still in Top 20, IMO.)
  11. King of Pops – does this count as a restaurant? I think it’s like a cardboard stand or something?
  12. Highland Bakery
  13. The Atlanta Cupcake Factory – I suppose this is the obligatory shout out to the cupcake craze – again not sure it really fits as a “best restaurant”
  14. Antico Pizza Napoletana – Someone can’t count or rank or something because OBVIOUSLY this should be in the top 5. (Allie Says: and possibly numero uno.)
  15. Paolo’s Gelato
  16. Aria – so 2001.
  17. Souper Jenny – I love SJ so this would probably find its way to my top 20 and again goes with could be on the cover of Southern Living theme; I picture bowls of soup surrounded by cornucopias. (Allie Says: I agree, it definitely should be in Top 20. Also, I had a grilled cheese there back in August that ranks in my top 5 sandwich experiences of all time…so…just sayin‘.)
  18. Sotto Sotto – this one can stay appropriately at 18.
  19. Sweet Auburn Bread Company – again the cover theme. I had to google this one – apparently Bill Clinton went there? Sticking with the 90s theme…
  20. SweetWater Brewing Company – I was unaware they served food?

Well, there you have it. I’m with K – wtf is this list?! It makes no sense. I’m not sure the person who wrote this has been to Atlanta, like, ever – even if they spent just 20 minutes browsing YELP they would know how erroneous 3/4 of this selection is. Ru Sans?! They may as well have put Papa John’s and Applebee’s on this thing. Someone needs to write the Editor.

Also, I usually take the time to hyperlink the restaurants, but this list seemed unworthy of such an arduous task. Sorry I’m not sorry.


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Ross: It tastes like feet!

Joey: I like it.

Ross: Are you kidding?

Joey: What’s not to like? Custard? Good. Jam? Good. Meat? Gooooood.

-The One Where Ross Got High

5 Responses to “Agree to Disagree: Top 20 Restaurants in ATL”

  1. A said

    WTF, expresses my sentiments exactly as I perused this yesterday. Confident this Southern Living idiot has never been to ATL.

  2. CKB said

    Agreed. This is reminiscent of a previously discussed list where Gainesville aka literally a swamp outdid Athens as best College Town

  3. Tina said

    King of Pops has incred homemade popsicles (think ‘blackberry mojito’ with real fruit and herbs), but I agree – not sure you can consider it a restaurant. Now if I can only get vodka in the popsicles I’d reconsider because it’s both a food and bev…

  4. Ross' Mom said

    No you weren’t supposed to put beef in the triffle….it did not. taste. good.

  5. Phoebe said


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