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Is this necessary.

Posted by AllieB on November 9, 2010

Snuggies – I get. I like to be warm, I like to have my hands available for flipping magazine pages/remote control access, and the Snuggie allows all these things. Plus, it’s not that complicated – it’s a blanket with sleeves. Done.

This newfangled twist on the much-heralded Snuggie seems…well, actually, I get rosacea just looking at it. Being trapped in an actual fleece onesie without any kind of breezy access makes me very uncomfortable. Meet & Greet: the OnePiece. (What a novel name. Minus 2.)

I guess one thing of note is that it’s from Norway, and Norway is very chilly. Perhaps if I lived in Norway I would be more inclined to swaddle myself in a fleece unitard…that woman looks very happy in her OnePiece.

Another trend with which I am having issues is this whole young-star-whose-career-isn’t-super-hot-writing-a-novel thing. I’m talking to you, Hilary Duff. Her novel, Elixir, is about a girl “raised in the spotlight” as the daughter of a renowned surgeon and prominent D.C. politician who grows up to be photojournalist, traveling to the most “exotic parts of the world” to enhance her craft. I mean, at least stick to topics you actually know something about – which I do not think includes photojournalism. Also, I am not such a fan of Hilary Duff in general, besides her one hit, Come Clean, which has seen me through the highs and lows of my life since 2004.

Lastly, to answer my own question: this is absolutely, most definitely, not on any level, necessary (from TV Gawker).

Pregnant Woman Bikini Contest? Pregnant Woman Bikini Contest.

Ok, whoa: I was doing my customary search on “this day in history,” and have learned via Wikipedia that it is both Nick Lachey’s and Vanessa Minillo’s birthday today?! My mind is reeling. Although perhaps more notably, it is also Sisqo’s birthday. Thong Song > everything Nick and Vanessa have ever done, combined.

3 Responses to “Is this necessary.”

  1. Hilary's Ghostwriter said

    Author’s notes:

    I’ve got a special Elixir* for Hilary Derrrf

    Baxter, you’re nuts, OnePieces look incredible. Pregnant women should be enjoying the comforts of these fleece unitards for the entire 9 months of gestation, not parading around like cattle in kinis with sashes.


  2. AllieB said

    “Baxter, you’re nuts.”


  3. mck said

    LOL. a little judgmental are we? (on a lot!). I picked up the book after doing some research and if you heard Duff, she admits to having help (who would believe they would let a never before writer do it by themselves?) I was impressed by the book and she talked highly of her co-author who I’m sure helped with the phrasing and how to write but I’m of the belief her words/story is all hers. Admittedly, a lot of people are jealous of her book deal but I found it impressive a young girl is actually doing work that is worth something and not partying or tring to see how many rehabs she can go to in a year. Getting more kids to read is great and I don’t see any problems with the book. I found it interesting and am looking forward to the next.

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