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When your allergies act up, take out your nose ring

Posted by AllieB on November 11, 2010

New words are exciting. Here’s a good one, courtesy of via YKenna.

frabjous \FRAB-juhs\, adjective:

Wonderful, elegant, superb, or delicious.

My orzo from Whole Foods is a frabjous experience for my tastebuds.

Hilary rarely looks or says anything remotely frabjous.

It is absolutely frabjous outside today; the Wizometer was right to give it an 11.

There ya go – frabjous. Try to use it in a sentence today.

Tai: Wow, you guys talk like grown-ups!

Cher: Well this is a really good school.

The video below depicts a high school girls hurdles race, and it is also proof positive that high school track is a no-cut sport. It is one enormous fail after another, my favorite part being around 34 seconds. You don’t need sound. Credit: Sister.

Holy crap I just watched it again. While I never was subject to this sort of humility in high school (note to high school girls: if you can’t clear the hurdles, quit the team),  I’m sure I managed to embarrass myself on a daily basis. Think about all those uncomfortable situations that we were privy to at that age…I guess I’ve really come a long way – had I witnessed this as a student, I surely would have felt too guilty to laugh and probably would’ve had to look away due to the secondhand awkwardness. Look at me now – pointing and laughing with the rest of them. Maturity is a marvelous thing.

3 Responses to “When your allergies act up, take out your nose ring”

  1. AllieB said

    My bad – forgot to give credit to Leila who is actually featured in the video, second from right, I think?

  2. mmm said

    Baaaahaaaahaaahaaaa!!!!! I’m pretty sure I would’ve laughed way too loud ;-)

  3. Kneepads said

    “Unfortunately our Don Juan moves at the speed of a special olympics hurdler”….this athlete wishes she moved that well. Poor girl.

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