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You, too, can make a difference…

Posted by AllieB on November 15, 2010

Today, November 15, is National Philanthropy Day. Because I work for a non-profit, I would like to encourage others to pay homage to the meaning of this noteworthy day. Take your old clothes to a thrift store, make a monetary donation in honor of a loved one, or, and this is how I’ve chosen to acknowledge the day (in addition to showing up to work, which I feel is essentially a charitable deed), adopt a word.

Indeed – some words are at risk of being removed from the dictionary, I suppose to make room for more relevant words, such as bootylicious (added to Webster in 2008 as an adjective: sexually attractive, esp with curvaceous buttocks). Go to this website – note the .org URL – and adopt your own word for free. Mine is “cloakative” – I will try to use it in a sentence.

At first, my friendship with Hilary was cloakative at best, but we’ve come leaps and bounds since then and now I almost genuinely like her.

It means superficial – that may or may not have been clear. Perhaps we actually can do without “cloakative” – I’m going to find another one. Adopt a word today! Save the words!

Note from Allie: I do not recommend image goog’ing “bootylicious.” I really should’ve known better….but I wanted to provide a visual. I think we can all agree that Kim Kardashian is pretty much the indisputable personification of the word. Holy moly, that thing needs its own zip code.

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