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Road Trip!

Posted by AllieB on May 26, 2011

Pants, Pal and I are sojourning to Tybee Island, GA this weekend to visit Hilbilly. It’s going to be ah-MAH-zing. Part of the time the three of them will gang up me, which I will handle graciously and with dignity, then the tables will turn on Pal for a bit because she’ll wander off into some souvenir store and come back with a pet goldfish or similar…with the all-star add-ons of NBJones, EJones, and YKenna, I’m pretty sure this Memorial Day Weekend will lend itself to some very fond memories.

Credit: Hilary. So ugly it’s funny…?

God bless our country and those who serve our country. Also, three day weekends.

By the by, I’m currently sitting outside at Starbucks working. I am a huge fan of my new employment.

3 Responses to “Road Trip!”

  1. S said

    Only packing denim and sparklers.

  2. kacy said

    me= not a fan of this new j.o.b.

  3. HB said

    tomorrow at this time you’ll be sipping a killer lemonade and becoming a bronzita!

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