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BBT goes to the movies

Posted by AllieB on December 15, 2010

‘Tis the season for movies. The big blockbusters come out during the summer, and then the Oscar-striving ones come out around now – Black Swan, for instance. Black Swan is a really f’ed up and horrifying psychological thriller about a ballerina, played by Natalie Portman, and her inner demons. Mila Kunis plays her rival. Both are amazing and both were recently nominated for Golden Globe Awards.

I left the theater in a cold sweat. I took myself home, poured myself a glass o wine, sat down on my couch, and reminded myself that I am not insane nor am I losing my mind. It was incredibly intense. That said – I highly recommend going to see it.

The next movie I see, I think, will be a light and breezy rom-com. How Do You Know fits this bill perfectly. There’s a love triangle betwixt Reese Witherspoon, Owen Wilson, and Paul Rudd, and then Jack Nicholson is in it, too. I don’t so much care about the plot in rom-coms, mostly I find that it is important that I do not hate the female lead; I happen to love Reese, so we’re all set. HOWEVER, there is one detail that I’m already having enormous difficulty getting my head around, and that is that Reese’s character is an aging…wait for it…PROFESSIONAL SOFTBALL PLAYER.

No, she’s not. It’s utterly¬†unbelievable. Refer to the photos below:

Yeah, I don’t see it either. I should mention that when I goog’ed “professional softball player female” I got a lot of returns on this Jennie Finch person, who is apparently “the most famous female softball player” ever. This is probably because she is blonde and poses in her bikini a lot. I’m not going to include a photo of her because it kind of refutes the point I’m trying to make, but here’s a link. Although, I can think of one person who once played softball – she had her own bat, even – who isn’t terribly beastly…Pallison, does this sound familiar??

Anyway, I think I will accept this egregious error in plot and see the movie anyway. Like I said, I’m kinda in the Dark Side right now after the traumatizing experience of Black Swan (again, I really think it’s a film worth watching), but nothing that a good dose of boy-meets-girl, boy-loses-girl, boy-gets-girl-back can’t fix.

Annie: Pepper lies a lot. She probably hasn’t been to a movie, either. Actually, I think it’s better when you don’t know what you’re missing.
Daddy Warbucks: Punjab, buy out the 8:00 show. Let’s all go to the movies.

3 Responses to “BBT goes to the movies”

  1. Let's all go to the lobby... said

    I like the boxing pcorn. I do not like nose picking refreshment attendee.

  2. AllieB said

    I actually snuck in my snack – hit up the pretzel stand and got a garlic one with a side of cheese dipping sauce. I used to love the leaping hot dog – esp when he jumps into the bun…

  3. MC said

    I’ve never had a movie F with my head the way Black Swan did….horrifying. I thought the person behind me said it best “It was a great movie, but the experience of sitting through it was not at all pleasant, horrible in fact”

    I had my eyes closed at one point for a solid 10 minutes.

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