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Bright Lights, Big City

Posted by AllieB on December 20, 2010

This past weekend I visited my nearest and dearest, Pal “Meat Cleve” Cleveland, in NYC with my other nearest and dearest, Billy Bel. We had hoped to round out our SATC-esque adventure with our fabulous fourth, Sister Pantalones, but due to factors beyond her control she was unable to hop a bird and join us. She was missed.*

There’s nothing like NYC at Christmas! I didn’t even feel embarrassed taking photo after photo of the tree at 30 Rock, or stopping in the middle of very busy crosswalks to get a shot of the Chrysler Building. As you can tell in the latter photo, there was a good bit of jostling going on around me – apparently others did have a problem with my unabashed tourism.

Anyway, we really had the best time, and we had really, REALLY good meals. I had the best pizza I have ever had, ever, at Vezzo in Murray Hill. I didn’t take a photo of it because we were already a subject of ridicule amongst the staff in that they tried to deter us from sitting by giving us padded wait times and saying crap like, “eeeesh, I don’t know, the way things are looking now…it doesn’t look good for you…like at all – you could be waiting for, WOW, I don’t even know how long…”

Thanks, jerk, we’ll just hop next door to the creepy Italian joint decorated solely in Virgin Marys with unforgiving neon lighting and enjoy a $5 glass of house chianti whilst we wait out your alleged “wait.”

It actually did take over an hour, but it was worth it. So worth it that I am glorifying our experience there in spite of the utter rudeness with which we were treated – that’s how big a person I am/how incredible this pizza was.

In addition to tourist activities and food comas, we enjoyed Pal’s neighborhood, a near-death experience in a terrifying cab ride, channeling our inner Goth, and a whole lot of mashing. I would like to comment on how much I appreciate the institution that is brunch in NYC –¬†Hollandaise sauce is my very favorite condiment, and the ginger pomegranate mimosa(s) I tried on Saturday were amazing AND good for my health.¬†‘Twas a glorious time.

We also took the ferry over to Ellis Island and saw The Statue of Liberty….she’s never looked better.

Credit: Hilary M. Bel

* I mean that sincerely, without any irony.**

**It’s Christmas Week – you’re nice to everyone during Christmas Week.

2 Responses to “Bright Lights, Big City”

  1. A woman's right to shoes said

    I missed you eggheads. Can’t wait to see pics!!

  2. HB said

    twas a glorious time! i’d have my nose smooshed into the cab glass every day if it meant getting to see you people… well… maybe every other day for you allie….

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