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What did I say.

Posted by AllieB on March 1, 2011

Stupid Lindsay Lohan. I was Team LiLo for so long – why, I don’t know, I have this unfailing need to believe in even the most under of underdogs. But even underdogs prevail at some point – Lindsay is just an idiot. Had she managed to not steal a necklace a month after she got out of rehab, perhaps she could’ve been on this season of Dancing with the Stars. Like a gazillion people watch that show, and I guess I haven’t really seen it jump start any careers, but it certainly hasn’t hurt any. Anyway, due to her inability to not take what isn’t hers, LiLo got passed over and now we (or those who watch it – seriously, I seriously don’t) are forced to handle KIRSTIE ALLEY tango-ing her way across the dance floor in not enough clothing, trampling her poor partner in the process. And Hines Ward is on it?! That seems odd. Although the football players do tend to fare fairly well. Other dancers include Lil Romeo, Kendra, and I don’t know I got bored reading the list.

Last night I cleaned my apartment from top to bottom/wall to wall/nook to cranny and it is positively gleaming. I washed my sheets, fluffed my feather bed, FLIPPED MY MATTRESS (yeah I did), dusted, mopped, vacuumed, Windexed, Febreezed…and, to reward myself, I had a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner. I slept so well that getting up this morning was borderline impossible, and I think I’m a little cranky as a result.

To wrap things up on a more positive note, the Fur Bus is fur-tastic, un-fur-gettable, fur-bulous…, and I’m going to go write a testimonial on their website right now. I don’t know why we don’t do this more often – it is really fun and also practical! For the 24-seater it was only $40/person for four hours, plus the driver was very accommodating and there are these railings on the ceiling so you can move around and stand up without falling all over the place. It just makes good sense. Plus, I got to wear some of my Jabroni gear – I mean, what’s not to like.

2 Responses to “What did I say.”

  1. Pal said

    Petra Nemcova is on it!!! She survived the tsunami stuck in a palm tree with a shattered pelvis. I’m putting my $$ on her. She’s clearly tough as shiz and also I bet that pelvis therapy will come in handy with the twisting and what not.

  2. M said

    WHERE am I? Why did I miss the 1 solid pic of the night? UGH!!!

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