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Who gets around and who doesn’t

Posted by AllieB on May 10, 2011

Now this is interesting: your, eh, success with the opposite sex could be dictated by much more than your looks, personality, or lack thereof – it could have a lot to do with your given moniker…

If you’re a dude, it’s good to be Chris…less so Edward.

Ladies, if you’re Vanessa you might be promiscuous, and if you’re Dorothy…you probably own some red shoes.

My double standard is definitely showing – Chris is lucky and Vanessa is promiscuous? Thanks a lot, modern day society. I just wrote this whole paragraph about names and what they make me think about people, but it got too political and potentially offensive, so I erased and will simply allow you to make your own interpretations of the data compiled by someone else. BBT is a controversy-free zone…ish.

But really, I think we can all agree that it is not shocking to see that Tamara is #3 on the list on the left…I mean, c’mon.

Equally not shocking: Taylor Momsen and Jessica Szohr have been officially dropped from Gossip Girl. To the first I say: good riddance!! To the second: I think you are cool in real life, so leaving the WORST ROLE EVER will only lead to good things. Seriously, Vanessa blows. I haven’t really been keeping up with GG, mostly because it’s unwatchable, but I do know that I do not like this new Charlie person – Serena’s cuz – who’s been signed on as a regular. In last night’s episode, during the heat of a make-out, she asked Dan Humphrey to call her Serena…in the words of NYMag’s Daily Intel: minus 1,999,748 points. Mega creep.

Lastly, on a more G-rated note, I wrote a blurb featuring Scout for the Home, my favorite store owned by my favorite person named after my second favorite dog, for Buckhead Patch. Check it out, recommend it, etc…not for me, but for Scout.

6 Responses to “Who gets around and who doesn’t”

  1. HB said

    What about Sandra?

  2. CharBax said

    How is the name of my future firstborn, Destiny but spelled Destyni, not on this list. And in the meantime, I’m like, “Who is this Medium character?”

  3. EMILY said

    Good one BBT.

  4. Frogman said

    Dennis is surprising? Lydia.. not surprising.

  5. VanessaE said

    Whoa whoa whoa. I have to disagree on this one Allie. From what I have read, generally men tend to exagerate the number of partners they have had while women tend to deflate their numbers. Social norms of what is considered masculine and feminine. Vanessa’s in my opinion tend to be outspoken, tell it like it is kind of folk. So maybe they aren’t promiscuous but a little more honest than the “Faiths” of the world.

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