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That is brand new information.

Posted by AllieB on July 27, 2011

Newsflash! Kristen Cavallari and Jay Cutler broke up…that’s actually sad – he seems normal and she’s less annoying now that I only read her tweets and never have to hear her speak. Plus she just did a photo shoot of her in all these wedding dresses…ok, everyone has seen SATC: don’t do a PHOTO SHOOT featuring you in a wedding dress before your wedding. Counting chickens, jumping guns, etc…tabloids are brutal, aren’t they: “TRAGIC wedding dress photos.” Ouch. At least she looks really pretty…

Oh, it’s not such a newsflash, People has been reporting this since Monday. Well, no one told me.

I don’t like doing current events, even of the celebrity ilk…but I do like saying “Newsflash!”

I was on a run this morning, and I had a random thought that interrupted my counting (I don’t listen to music, I count – it’s good practice): maybe Casey Anthony didn’t drown my puppy, but it is really insane that she is serving zero days in jail. I mean, I know that is like the opposite of a newsflash, but it’s very troubling to me. CCHaynes – did you see her in the Caribb?? I hope I run into her somewhere; I would call Leila Ann Nancy Grace immediately.

I never thought I’d say this, but I’m considering a switch from The Today Show to Good Morning America. Ann Curry is the WORST morning host ever, from her “joking” about slang for “breasts” (as awk as it sounds) to her interview with the most recent Congressional of Medal Honor winner: upon hearing his incredible story she succinctly and sensitively said, “Amazing. Pretty darn amazing.” I could do better than that…Kathie Lee could do better than that.

Word of the day:

hoary (adj)

-tedious from familiarity; stale


-grey or white with age

That mean old witch puts the ‘hoar’ in ‘hoary.’


No? You try.

8 Responses to “That is brand new information.”

  1. mc said

    Now that I’m unemployed, I look to BBT first thing in the morning as my news source

  2. Ohhhh Myyyyy Gooooooosshhhhh said

    GMA ain’t so BAD

  3. Tina said

    I’ve always been a GMA fan over NBC.

  4. Beth said

    It’s just because we lost Mer. I TOLD THEM not to let her go!! !! I’ll ring her on her mobile and see what I can do.

  5. hb said

    Ditching Matt Lauer is a heinous crime. Even Casey Anthony wouldn’t do it.

  6. lazy said

    GMA- really? maybe you should try HLN with your casey anthony obsession…

  7. NATALIE for Co-Anchor! said

    Enough said. I’m starting a petition.

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