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Posted by AllieB on July 18, 2011

Suffice it to say, it was an emotional Sunday. I subjected myself to unnecessary grief by watching the series finale of Friday Night Lights and then sitting through the last installment of the Harry Potter films. I am reminded of Sping 2k4 – cut to: the night before my last exam when I was studying at a friend’s apartment, enduring the series finale of Friends, my favorite television program, alone. He walked in midway through to find me on the couch, my books spread around me, bawling freely….he quietly excused himself and retreated quickly back across the courtyard.

Look, sorry I’m not sorry I allow myself to be engaged by quality tv and cinema presentations.

Friday Night Lights has been sensational this entire last season. It’s already out on DVD, so I highly recommend queuing up your Netflix. AND both Coach Taylor and Tami Taylor were nominated for Emmy’s again, as was the program on a whole. Talk about deserving winners…Coach Taylor could tell me throw myself in front of a bus and I’d say, “can I throw myself in front of two?” I love that guy.

Harry Potter was a-MAH-zing. They jump right in where they left off with the first installment, and it’s a non-stop thrill ride til the very end. Actually, no, the very end is a little awkward, but up until there are 5 minutes left – heart-pounding thrill ride. Why do movie critics always say “thrill ride?” I have never used that phrase before, ever, and how strange that it’s used re: a decidedly stationary activity. Just saying. Also – I thoroughly enjoyed this “Best of” retrospective covering all of the Harry Potter movies on NYMag.

BBT HIGHLY recommends both. Doooo it.

Meet and greet: BP’s new PUPPY PIPPA!!!! Can you tell which one is Pippa the Pup, and which one is Pippa Middleton made entirely out of crumpets? (I know, so weird.)

I LOVE PIPPA THE PUP!!! (She’s on the left)

Here’s Tex’s Tacos schedule for the week.

Here’s your weekly horoscope.

Here’s how to VOTE FOR BBT!!!!!!!!!

Guess who turns ONE this Thursday…? Hint: it’s not a mammal; it’s a blog which you may or may not be reading at this very moment.

7 Responses to “That’s that”

  1. Char said

    Tex’s Tacos Friday lunch??? Yes Please!

  2. M said

    My horoscope says that beginning on Saturday it is time for a detox… Hmmmm?! Think that’s gonna have to wait a few weeks ;-)

  3. Cobbham Oaks said

    Bawling Freely/Weeping Aggressively = Red Faced Allie –> Turn & Run = Fair Enough.

  4. hb said

    bbt is so mature for her age.

  5. AllieB said

    Char – of course!!
    M – obvi
    Cobbham Oaks – :|
    HB – thank you, we’re v excited to celebrate

  6. 1 Year Old said

    We should make a cake so you/we can stick our hands/face into it to celebrate 1 yr of BBT. You can’t say no to that visual.

  7. Tina said

    How great was FNLs?! I was laughing & crying the whole time. SUCH a great show. There’s a void in my life without it now.

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