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I’m so happy

Posted by AllieB on July 8, 2011

J Simps has come out with a new fragrance. It’s called: I Fancy You.

I am not kidding, that’s what it is called. I imagine hundreds of conversations, worldwide, following a similar script:

That’s an interesting perfume…. What’s the name of it? (So I know what NOT to buy)

“I Fancy You.”

Er, well, that’s nice – but I really just wanted to know what the name is of the perfume you’re wearing.

“I Fancy You.”

FINE nevermind.

It’s just awkward.

Here a few distractions to mediate the agony of a Friday afternoon in the workplace:

I’ll be back on Monday, so you can kiss the half-ass posts siyonara…


3 Responses to “I’m so happy”

  1. Fart Gun said

    “Oh, you said DART gun! That’s good, because I was wondering in what circumstance you might find a machine such as this to be useful.”

  2. ATL Belle said

    Well, at least it’s a better name than “Fancy Nights” (her last one).

  3. Garbage Spray said

    Would be a better name. Fancy- That word just reeks of trash.

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