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BYOB to Houston’s a.k.a. The Greatest News Ever

Posted by AllieB on October 7, 2011

Game changer: Houston’s allows you to BYOB and they don’t even charge a corkage fee!! This means to say, when you go to dinner with 4 other people and each of you pull out your own bottle of wine and set it on the table, they will very nicely open each bottle and serve it to you. You can enjoy a 3 hour dinner of deliciousness for only $25. Maybe re-think bringing the Trader Joe’s varietal, however, even if it is the Reserve ($4.99) label…Allie, I’m looking at you.

Rave Review: Zappos. I’ve been an Endless girl for the last couple of years, but I recently made an order on Zappos. This purse I really wanted went on sale (try again I fixed the link), and I do actually need a new bag, so I bought it. Mom, keep your comments to yourself – this is going to be hard for you to read. Anyway, I wanted it by the weekend, but I did not want to pay the extra $15 for two day shipping, so I rang them up to see what they could do. NOT ONLY did they give me two-day shipping for free, but she upgraded me to VIP status (I’ve been shopping with them since 2006) which means that I automatically get FREE OVERNIGHT SHIPPING on everything I order before 4 p.m. EST. I told the salesgirl that other online retailers could really learn a thing or two about customer service and that I was glad my call was being monitored because I wanted The Man to hear just how pleased I was.

Shake yo groove thang: Beyonce’s new video for “Countdown” is awesome, APU. I can’t embed videos unless they’re from YouTube because I’m too lazy to figure out how…so just go to the link. And you really really should.

Is there anything more delightful than a fall day in Atlanta? I think not. May all of your weekends be full of sunshine and puppies and cupcakes and red wine and Frye boots and new purses and Sashimi Tuna Salads and pasta.

Back in Rocktober 2k9, I went to go sit on the bar stool next to my buddy P.Wolfe at the bar we know as Kramerica, and I accidentally sat in a trash can instead. Pallison then created this image so the story can live on forever.

I recommend not doing this.

 APU = as per usual. I didn’t know that until today.

4 Responses to “BYOB to Houston’s a.k.a. The Greatest News Ever”

  1. hb said

    If you didn’t explain your acronyms, I would be lost 80% of the time. So thanks for that.

  2. Hippo said

    Can we go back on Monday???

  3. SRM said

    Endless or Zappos, either way you are an Amazon girl (they are all the same).

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