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I Drive a Minivan – The Sequel

Posted by AllieB on August 8, 2012

In a delightful demonstration of I-really-should-have-seen-this-coming irony, I, once again, find myself behind the wheel of the famously infamous minivan. After making such a big deal about getting rid of it – I even discussed a memorial service? -  here I am, less than a year later, back to commandeering that godforsaken turquoise family vehicle with but one automatic sliding door and zero DVD players. It’s not really a downgrade; I sold my car and am borrowing the van from my parents during my remaining weeks in Hotlanta. Plus, Gaylen really spruced the thing up – she even beat out the dent in the ceiling so I no longer have to deal with gallons of water sluicing through my open window after a rain storm. If you wanna go for a spin, call me. I’m like Enterprise; I’ll pick you up.

We’re baaaaack! The bumper stickers are gone now, so the only identifying characteristic is that the headlights are taped on.

BTW, selling a car by yourself is a huge pain – fielding calls/emails from strangers, meeting up with said strangers, having to go on test drives with strangers who are used to driving on the opposite side of the road…it’s not fun. But when it’s all said and done, it’s a huge adrenaline rush…there’s nothing like good old-fashioned negotiating followed by a solid handshake and a lot of cold hard cash. Admittedly, my wheeling and dealing skills could use some work – the bargaining convo went something like this:

Buyer: So you’re asking for X amount of dollars? I’ll give you $800 less.

Me: Sold!

Allie, no. It’s a good thing my mom was there to step in and bump the price back up. Everyone knows you never accept the first offer…

I laugh at a lot of things: myself, you, JSimps, corgis, death-themed family vacations, Workaholics (funniest show on tv), Drop Dead Gorgeous (the only thing Kirsten Dundst has ever done right), Ross on Friends (you’re welcome)…it doesn’t take much. This exchange, photographed from this month’s issue of Reader’s Digest (embarrassing), is very funny…if not just a little bit lame.

LOL! I put this on Instagram yesterday, and here it is on BBT today. Are you on Instagram? I love that thing – my name is alliebax, should you want to follow me..or whatever.

Nava is closing on Friday. SAD!! I will miss the patio, the cheese fritters, and the hangar steak. I will not miss the heinous service. We probably owe it to our time in Atlanta to swing by for a beverage…that place was our go-to back in 2k5/6. My imminent departure likely had a lot to do with it.

Happy Hump Day! TTFN & XOXO, BBT.

5 Responses to “I Drive a Minivan – The Sequel”

  1. lazy said

    you sold the subaru-i knew that handwriting on the for sale sign would weasle someone in! yippee!

    • AllieB said

      I actually had the wrong price listed on my sign, so just as well that it was illegible – I have Craigslist to thank. You’re just glad the van’s back…

  2. CCH said

    Many memories in the mini van and on the patio at Nava!! We need to reminisce one last time over prickly pears and fried cheese.

  3. dent said

    happy to dance on your roof for old times/dents sake!

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