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It was everything I’d hoped it would be…

Posted by AllieB on April 29, 2011

And more.

I don’t even know where to start. It was perfect!! Pal, you mentioned that my…interest…in Princess Catherine was borderline SWF, and, after this morning, I have absolutely no defense. She was stunning. And so breezy! She had this huge grin on her face the whole time, and her little wave was just adorable – I was sitting on my couch, grinning like an idiot because her glee was so infectious. Per Buff’s observation, I would really like a program because the music and scripture were both especially good, and I would like to inquire as to whether or not the Royal Boys Choir is available for hire/will travel overseas.


I would get married in what Pippa’s wearing, even. I can’t even stand how perfect they both look! I need to pull up my thesaurus for “perfect.” I can’t decide if I want to dissect the four hours of television I watched play-by-play, or just keep rambling on about how perfect it was. I’ll do some more pics.

Clockwise from top left:

  1. Pippa with flower girls – gorg!
  2. Posh & Becks – breathtaking!
  3. The Head Harry Huntress, Chelsy Davey – stunning!
  4. Princes William & Harry – I really do love a man in uniform…
  5. Like something out of a fairy tale….sigh

I think I’ll call it a day – I think after I have time to process and decompress I’ll do a better job with my words… Tell you what, getting married really takes it out of you. A glass of champagne sounds nice.

Happy Wedding Weekend to Charlotte & Brooks!!! I wish I could be there…XOXO

12 Responses to “It was everything I’d hoped it would be…”

  1. Tina said

    Do you think they make hats big enough for your head? I’d definitely have to go with a hair piece with my little head.

  2. kathleen said

    As it happens, they posted a program on the official website — Was definitely helpful to refer to while watching :)

  3. Catie said

    Allie, i am right there with you…absolutely perfect in every way ! she is beyond gorgeous & that dress was PERFECT….timeless, classic, flawless. LOVE LOVE LOVE!
    ps- yes, im lame for wiring this but its a must

  4. bc said

    it was UNREAL!!!! i’m now going to starve myself in hopes of looking like pipa by summer…sigh.

  5. AllieB said

    Um, I do retract re: Chelsy. She looks unkempt: “like she’s at one end or the other of a four-day bender.”

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  7. recy mae said

    love it! such fairytale

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