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Today is Picture Day!

Posted by AllieB on April 26, 2013

Happy Friday!! Instead of writing words, I posted pictures. There are ten photos, and then a bonus one so eleven total. Bon appétit!

1. This is where I am sitting right now.

photo 1

2. Meanwhile, someone in our Santa Monica office is sitting here #oh #neat

This is the view from a desk in our Santa Monica office #oh #neat

3. JTommLiv got an iPhone…

JTommLiv got an iPhone

4. Saturday’s sunset from Marion’s rooftop. I will never, ever tire of this view #IheartNY

Saturday's sunset from Marion's rooftop. I will never tire of the NYC skyline #vista

 5. I finally went to the Spotted Pig. Fleming and I shared this (and some pink wine) – it was everything I hoped it would be

photo 4

6. This is the block where I live. It’s like the set of my very own romantic comedy except not (yet)

photo 2

7. I’m going to AFRICA!!!! G Force and I are booking our tickets to Malawi this weekend. It is part goodwill, part adventure, and I am so excited. I did some goog’ing and learned that Malawi is far away. It will be winter when we’re there (July), so that’s a perk – for a second I was like, why am I going to Africa in July, but then I remembered the different hemisphere/opposite season thing. Der. The flight is 16+ hours…I’m gonna need to pack my eye mask for sure, or, as a co-worker helpfully suggested re: my unfortunate sleeping habits, “just put a bag over my head.”


8. Before going to Africa I will turn 30. El and I went for a walk on the Westside Highway last night and I scouted out some potential spots for my big bday bash…I just love a good vista #nofilter #evenJerseylooksgood

photo 4

9. I guess it’s good thing we went for that walk…sometimes I revolt against the goals I set for myself. It’s very productive.

MYEQ Dashboard - Google Chrome 4262013 71628 AM.bmp

10. This might be a little weird because I have no idea who this person is (I got it off Buzzfeed) BUT I WANT TO BE HER #pileofpuppies #puppiesinapile


Bonus #11. Let’s open up the vault: real life Picture Days of yore. 3rd Grade was pretty good, if I do say so myself. 4th Grade – not so much. I was at the height of my Marla Hooch phase…and it will come as no surprise that I no longer wanted to be called Allie, but Alex #identitycrisis #goBraves #firstpickforkickball


Well that was fun. Pictures = easier than words. Have an AWESOME weekend!!! XOXOXO

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He figure skates, and it is glorious

Posted by AllieB on August 31, 2011

If you don’t already know about this (and you live in Atlanta), then either your friends don’t like you very much or you live in a hole:

Reserve yours today! There are still plenty reservations left…hopefully it’s not just oatmeal. Betsy and MPvZB shared this with me Monday, and I’ve been meaning to post…my bad.

Speaking of fine dining, it’s Midtown Restaurant Week. My laziness has precluded me from sharing this, also, but…better late than never. It ends Sunday.

Pardon me while I climb up on my soapbox…there we are. Ok, music on websites. There is nothing more off-putting than opening up a web page  and being BLASTED by some techno bullcrap – particularly when in the office or library or just would rather not have a heart attack…PEOPLE DO NOT LIKE THIS. Aqua Bistro: GUILTY. 9 of out 10 hair salons: GUILTY. I remember one Friday morning back in the day when I rolled into work sufficiently under the weather, was browsing lunch options and happened upon a web page whose music was so loud and offensive that I vomited. True story. Except it’s not true, but it very easily could be. Just ask me first…is all that I ask.

I miss JBax :(

So, because I want a new car, new clothes, and window treatments, I’ve started babysitting more. Kids say the darndest things! Cut to: the other night:

I was babysitting these cute little blonde kids – Jackson, age 4, and Grace, 2. They are two little peas in a pod and seriously so adorable I wanted to just gobble them up. We watched Toy Story 2, took baths (they did, not me), read our favorite books (Spider Man comic books – questionable…how about Where the Wild Things Are or something), and even played paddy cake. Anyway, we were hunkering down for bed, when Grace announced she was missing Jessie. Jessie is her nighttime friend. Jackson and Grace are very self-sufficient and insisted upon finding Jessie themselves. I said sure, go ahead, and began my manhunt for the pantry while they searched. After not hearing anything from them for awhile, I called to Jackson, “how are things going?”

“Well, Miss Allie, they’re going great – but they’re not going super great.”

I die. And I never did find the pantry…either they don’t eat anything but refrigerated food or they have like a secret revolving book case – I swear I looked everywhere.

WordPress has just recently allowed me to change the color of my fonts. It’s a veritable RAINBOW of FUN!

Also, I was reading BBT on an iPad recently – it really doesn’t translate well to mobile devices, does it? Sorry. I’m right on top of that, Rose.

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