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Today is Picture Day!

Posted by AllieB on April 26, 2013

Happy Friday!! Instead of writing words, I posted pictures. There are ten photos, and then a bonus one so eleven total. Bon appétit!

1. This is where I am sitting right now.

photo 1

2. Meanwhile, someone in our Santa Monica office is sitting here #oh #neat

This is the view from a desk in our Santa Monica office #oh #neat

3. JTommLiv got an iPhone…

JTommLiv got an iPhone

4. Saturday’s sunset from Marion’s rooftop. I will never, ever tire of this view #IheartNY

Saturday's sunset from Marion's rooftop. I will never tire of the NYC skyline #vista

 5. I finally went to the Spotted Pig. Fleming and I shared this (and some pink wine) – it was everything I hoped it would be

photo 4

6. This is the block where I live. It’s like the set of my very own romantic comedy except not (yet)

photo 2

7. I’m going to AFRICA!!!! G Force and I are booking our tickets to Malawi this weekend. It is part goodwill, part adventure, and I am so excited. I did some goog’ing and learned that Malawi is far away. It will be winter when we’re there (July), so that’s a perk – for a second I was like, why am I going to Africa in July, but then I remembered the different hemisphere/opposite season thing. Der. The flight is 16+ hours…I’m gonna need to pack my eye mask for sure, or, as a co-worker helpfully suggested re: my unfortunate sleeping habits, “just put a bag over my head.”


8. Before going to Africa I will turn 30. El and I went for a walk on the Westside Highway last night and I scouted out some potential spots for my big bday bash…I just love a good vista #nofilter #evenJerseylooksgood

photo 4

9. I guess it’s good thing we went for that walk…sometimes I revolt against the goals I set for myself. It’s very productive.

MYEQ Dashboard - Google Chrome 4262013 71628 AM.bmp

10. This might be a little weird because I have no idea who this person is (I got it off Buzzfeed) BUT I WANT TO BE HER #pileofpuppies #puppiesinapile


Bonus #11. Let’s open up the vault: real life Picture Days of yore. 3rd Grade was pretty good, if I do say so myself. 4th Grade – not so much. I was at the height of my Marla Hooch phase…and it will come as no surprise that I no longer wanted to be called Allie, but Alex #identitycrisis #goBraves #firstpickforkickball


Well that was fun. Pictures = easier than words. Have an AWESOME weekend!!! XOXOXO

7 Responses to “Today is Picture Day!”

  1. Char said

    So much good here.
    -I too am in love with the flamenco dancer emoticons.
    -I went to the beach in Santa Monica just yesterday and indeed, it is a lovely place. I was able to do this because I live here.
    -Why do you get to go on all the “goodwill/educational” trips with Mom and I end up in India during monsoon season dispensing de-worming pills?
    -While that girl may be surrounded by adorable puppies, she is also surrounded by the most 1990s piece of furniture possible as well and a PVC clothes dryer rack #notsojealousnow

  2. FJ said

    I highly await the Africa photos! You and G take me with you! I would like to will some good.

  3. Hard left said

    Giant change in 1 year, Baxter. GIANT change.

    Madonna Baxter!!!


    • AllieB said

      Yeah, and really not for the better?? Bummer. My 5th Grade one is back to the feminine, glossy-haired Allie we all know today

  4. kshort said

    I want to meet Sailor Allie…

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