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drivin’ and cryin’

Posted by AllieB on September 8, 2010

Time spent in the car is time I allocate for me – it’s AllieTime. I don’t prefer to talk on the phone, and I don’t like to listen to people talking at me (I’ve never been a fan of The Bert Show – blasphemous, I know).

What I do like to do, however, is listen to music and, from time to time, even add my own harmonization. My favorite tunes along with to sing:

  1. Taylor Swift – I’m not particular, any one will do
  2. Breathe (2 am) by Anna Nalik; not especially uplifting –  it’s better for a, shall we say, less happy occasion where perhaps you just need a little release…or something…so I’ve heard…
  3. I think I have to stop making this list because I’m realizing my sing-a-long choices are kind of weird and more than a little embarrassing. Instead I’ll just mention Hilary’s favorite, which is Celine Dion.

Turns out AllieTime is more confidential than I realized. Note to self. Anyway, I would like to share with you this moving rendition of Les Miserables “I Dreamed a Dream” from Glee. This may or may not be on my sing-a-long list.

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