Baxter Bark Twice

Do as I say, never as I do


Posted by AllieB on September 8, 2010

Venus has really nailed the whole idea of functional athletic attire:

  • camel-toe: check!
  • see-thru mesh with bedazzling: check!
  • revealing open back: check!
  • my god that camel-toe is really obtrusive
  • I’m definitely going to have nightmares about the camel-toe

3 Responses to “can.we.not.”

  1. Billy said

    do. not. want.

    ps – didn’t you wear something similar out circa jan 07? likely. v likely.

  2. AllieB said

    I realize “revealing open back” does trigger thoughts of moi, but I tend to steer clear of sheer mesh with bedazzles. And I’m still upset about the camel-toe situation.

  3. S said

    You’re not fooling me, Baxter. This is exactly what you would select for a tennis match. Or Friday night out on the town.

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